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Enercon Industries

Enercon Industries


HP198UX Aylesbury
United Kingdom

Enercon Industries is the world leading cap sealing brand and largest supplier and installer of induction heat sealing technology across the globe.
Over the past 40 years, we have been installing our cap sealers into both large and small manufacturers on every continent, establishing ourselves as the principal provider of induction foil sealing systems.
Every day our induction heat sealing technology is trusted to seal over 75 million containers in Europe across the following industries: food and beverage, dairy, automotive, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and household.

Enercon Industries’ commitment to your sealing success doesn’t stop once we’ve delivered your equipment.
With our unmatched network of international representatives, we can provide local help to our customers on those rare occasions when they have an issue with their cap sealer.
Our highly-trained professionals guarantee emergency support and service whenever you need them because Enercon understands that when a machine breaks down on a production line it can have serious consequences.