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Cartonajes Lantegi

Cartonajes Lantegi


48160 Derio, Bizkaia

Being aware of the importance of packaging products, in Cartonajes Lantegi, we have all the necessary means so that it adapts perfectly to the needs of protection and design of our customers.

For this reason, we have a highly qualified team that advises the client at all times. The experience of Cartonajes Lantegi makes that the catalog of products is not a closed window, but we create and design products 'ex professo' for our clients.


Product news

  • 2017 Liderpack Awards

    We were lucky enough to receive two Liderpak 2017 awards recently, in the Packaging Logistics and Distribution category and in the Miscellaneous Packs category.


  • 2018 IPA Award

    The V Edition of the IPA Awards left us with a very good taste, as we had the great fortune to win an IPA Selección, in the category of Innovation in PLV, to our compact and light PLV.
    We hope that the VI Edition will be as profitable for us as the previous ones.