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Schur Star Systems


24941 Flensburg

Schur®Star Systems GmbH is one of Europe's premier providers of complete solutions in flexible packaging.

With the experience and know-how gained over several decades, we supply European industry with customized packaging solutions.

Due to our size we play a key role in the Pan-European market. Our presence in individual European markets makes us an attractive partner to local industry.

From the beginning, we take our customers by the hand to help them create new attractive designs, brand new bag designs or even completely new packaging solutions.


Product news

  • Eggelbusch successful with ChickUp’s in Schur®Star Shape Bag

    A striking and unique pack format can be decisive for strategically placed impulse products – it is not only important to hold on to existing customers but likewise crucial to win new ones. The German company Eggelbusch took up those considerations before they decided to go for a very special packaging solution for their new ChickUp’s line: The Schur®Star Shape Bag - an exceptional solution, convenient on the go and practical in consumption.
    The new ChickUp’s line includes, until further notice, four products which are sold in the Schur®Star Shape profile. The bag material is based on a laminate construction and offers in combination with an incorporated zipper the requested convenience. All these elements contribute to a higher brand loyalty. As an additional feature, the bags are equipped with a functional euro hole for suspension, giving the options of presenting the bag differently at POS.


  • Introducing the Schur®Star Piping Bag for Foie Gras Mousse: Sophistication and simplicity in perfect unity

    The Schur®Star Piping Bag is the perfect packaging solution, as the bag not only holds and promotes the product, it also works as dosing and decoration tool.
    The foie gras is filled in a fully automatic packing process and the length of the filling line makes it possible to employ double filling, resulting in increased production capacity despite the delicate product. After filling, the bags are pasteurized and finally a thermal transfer printer adds sell-by date and product identification codes. The Schur®Star Piping Bag was developed for pastry and semi-liquid products like sauce, mayonnaise, jam, whipped cream, and icing. Laminate constructions with excellent barrier properties are available, offering optimal storage capabilities for the specific product. If required, a rigid nose cone, possibly with a reclosable cap, can be inserted into the bag before the product is filled; also features like suspension holes, a reclosable zipper and a nick for easy opening are available.


  • Simplicity in the packing process with the Schur®Star Concept

    By employing the Schur®Star Concept, the packaging process of the large range of cereals, pulses, seeds, and dried mushrooms has been made more efficient.
    “On the occasion of our 200th anniversary we decided to streamline our production process and to upgrade our packaging – and perfect unity was created when we were introduced to the Schur®Star Concept”, says Thomas Morin, Industrial Director at Sabarot Wassner. “Not only did we simplify the packing process by introducing pre-made bags, we also increased production capacity, we reduced manning and last, but not least: We have updated and sophisticated the packaging solution for two of our brands – with more to come.”


  • Schur®Star packs GMP approved medicinal cannabis in white room conditions

    With a recently acquired GMP certification the company was on the lookout for a packing technology that could handle the delicate products, meet the requirements of white room processing and ensure safety, purity and precision. They are among the first GMP-certified medical cannabis producers to supply cannabis flower and extract products to tens of thousands of patients, physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, governments and researchers on all five continents.

    Safety, purity and precision under white room conditions
    The products are packed under white room conditions on a Schur®Star 2060 C employing double bag filling and camera control, equipped with two thermal transfer Videojet printers to add vital product information and traceability coding. The production is a 100% controlled process from seed to finished pack – and packing takes place under supervision of a team specially trained for this process.

    A cost-effective packaging solution in all respects
    Dried cannabis flowers are available as cured and trimmed whole flowers or precise blends of ground cannabis, they are delicate and require a packaging that ensures protection against impact of light, oxygen and moisture. The Schur®Star bag construction meets these requirements and the zipper will protect the content during storage. Thanks to the high filling capacity at a minimum of material consumption, and in consideration of the low-weight, low-volume packaging material being beneficial in storage and distribution, it is a cost-effective solution in every respect.

    A packaging concept adaptable to all environments
    The Schur®Star Concept consists of the Schur®Star Packaging Machine and premade Schur®Star Bags that are linked together on a unique string, ensuring a smooth, flexible and effortless packing process. The adaptability of the Schur®Star Concept to practically any environment, product, process and packing condition makes it unique.

  • Convenience at its best: Naylors’ ready-to-enjoy coleslaw in reclosable Schur®Star Stand-up bag

    Due to the rich texture of salads, sealing of the filled bag can be an issue as product residues tend to stick to the bag opening. The Schur®Star Packaging Machine offers a rectangular fill opening measuring the full bag width specifically designed to ease the packing of products that are difficult to handle. By taking advantage of the long filling line Naylor Farms have employed double filling. The results: No more product clinging to the bag opening, no more sealing issues and no more costly downtime. Packing speed and overall production capacity have been improved considerably without increasing labour. The ready-to-enjoy salads are sold in a stand-up bag construction that ensures the product full attention at POS equipped with a window allowing a glimpse of the contents. To complete the concept of high convenience, the bag is manufactured with a practical laser-score for easy opening and a reclosability feature for convenient storage of any salad that is not consumed initially.


  • Schur’s bags will make your baby giggle

    Upgraded products in eye-catching bags
    Christina Hansen is just now relaunching their baby cereals line. The organic, natural and healthy cereals require protection against impact of light, oxygen and moisture and are therefore are packed into a multilayer bag that offers the best possible protection. In line with the clear product profile signaling health, consideration and love, the company has focused on avoiding food waste. The reclosable Schur®Star Stand-up Bags ensure the best possible protection, once the seal has been broken.

    Unique appearance by combining matte and metallized films
    The eye-catching bags are designed with reverse print on a matte film which is then laminated, the astonishing effects are achieved through the printing technique. The unique and powerful result will highlight the products at POS. Schur®Star Systems offer a world of options when it comes to print effects. With advanced flexo printing in up to 10 colours, high gloss lacquer, matte lacquer, metallized inks and a comprehensive range of film types, practically any creative idea can come true. And with application of ESKO software and ESKO CDI Crystal technology in the internal pre-press and plate production, Schur®Star Systems ensure state-of-the art print results.

    Cereals, ready to serve
    With dedication and a clear mission as guiding lines, the organic cereals by Christina Hansen win market shares. Simply stir the cereals with boiling water, leave to cool off, and a healthy and nourishing meal is ready to enjoy.

    A packaging concept for all segments
    Because of the rectangular fill opening measuring the full bag width the Schur®Star Packaging Machine is perfect for filling light, free-flow products that can be difficult to handle. The adaptability of the Schur®Star Concept to practically any environment, product, process and packing condition makes it unique.

  • The Schur®Star Zip-Pop Bag was recently announced Packaging Innovation Award Winner at the 2019 CPMA Convention & Trade Show in Montreal

    The product simplifies cooking because everything is in the bag, and neither attention nor time is required. No need to punch holes in the bag or stop midway through and stir. Delicious herbs and spices will be released at the exact right time during cooking to ensure perfect seasoning. For the first time ever, all is done in just one step.
    This revolutionary bag allows you to cook quickly and easily for your entire family. The potatoes and butter pat seasoning are stored separately in a dual chamber bag. The steam strip in the bag along with the specially formulated material provides extended shelf life and is at the same time the feature that makes the bag unlike anything else on the market. It is as simple as it gets, and no additional ingredients or mixing are required.


  • Champignon-based Risotto and Kashotto in fully recyclable Schur®Star CPP Bags

    To enable the exquisite products to stand out at POS, Jantex looked for an extraordinary packaging: a bag with a stunning design, of a construction that makes it stand prominently on the supermarket shelves and present the product the best possible way. Barrier properties were required to protect the delicate aroma of the exquisite mushrooms. Finally, the bag had to function as a container in the household, also once half emptied. All requirements were met by the Schur®Star Stand-up Bag – produced of a CPP film and decorated with a charming design emphasizing the product itself.
    To match the healthy profile a fully recyclable material was the obvious choice, and the bags were thus produced of a CPP film. Although the glossy and stiff appearance is achieved through the material, it is a single-substrate which does not require separation and can be recovered via a recycling structure. The film offers excellent printability and mechanical strength in the packing process.


  • To British Chocolatier Hardys, nothing compared to the Schur®Star Box Bag

    «We chose the Schur®Star Box Bag as it exclusively makes a pack with three different substrates. We chose a solution with a window, made of a laminate on three sides and the two side gussets in a metallized film. The latter adds a stylish finish to our print design”, says Daniel Brower, MD of Hardys. The box-shaped bottom construction allows the Schur®Star Box Bag to stand completely stable, irrespective of weight and contents. No matter whether displayed upright or lying, the bag – being printable on all five sides – offers excellent opportunities of a visually striking look. Superior flexographic printing offers additional differentiation options. The characteristic bottom construction is combinable with a large range of features: A window to give a glimpse of the contents, a zipper to offer reclosability, tearstrip and laserscoring to ease opening – to mention a few. In this case, the combination with a carton header gives an exclusive and stylish pack, prominently different.


  • Kelsen Group goes for Schur®Star Box Bag for success brand

    Kelsen Group and Pepperidge Farm have collaborated with Schur®Star Systems on redesigning and optimizing the packaging solution for these exclusive cookies.
    Due to its many advantages, the Schur®Star Box Bag gains ground for a growing number of product groups: Its box-shaped bottom makes the bag stand completely stable on the shelf, irrespective of weight and contents. Being printable on front, reverse, sides and bottom, the bag offers excellent opportunities to enhance the product's profile, no matter whether the product is displayed in upright or lying position on the supermarket shelf. Superior quality flexographic printing in up to 10 colours, including effects like e.g. high-gloss lacquer, matte lacquer, or metallized inks give additional differentiation options. Additional features like a window in the bag gives the consumer a glimpse of the contents; a zipper offers reclosability, and e.g. tearstrips and laserscoring ease the opening.


  • New Profile for Lithells Barbeque Sausages with Schur®Star Stand-up Bags

    The Lithells brand, deservedly known as Sweden’s primary sausage expert, is introducing a line of barbeque sausages in a new packaging solution from Schur®Star Systems. The new design ensures the attention that quality products deserve and makes the products stand out from the competition. The new solution comprises four products marketed in Schur®Star Stand-up Bags. They are flexo-printed with a special paper-feel varnish giving a rustic paper bag effect; the print design communicates fire, charcoal and rich tasty products. The stand-up bags have a window allowing a glimpse of its fresh contents. This new exciting format exposes the products on the supermarket shelf and attracts customers in the crucial moment of purchase. With the carrier handle the consumer conveniently carries the products home or directly to the garden for a barbecue. A reclosable zipper is included to enhance freshness, increase shelf life and reduce waste - All are key elements that support brand loyalty.


  • High convenience solution from Patatas Hijolusa in Schur®Star Microwavable Bag

    With an increasingly hectic lifestyle, today’s consumer prefers products that are easy to bring home, easy to handle, and easy to prepare. In line with this trend, Schur®Star Systems is providing the market with a practical microwavable bag solution. When home, having prepared the potatoes directly in the microwave for only 7 minutes, the consumer easily opens the bag by the incorporated laser score, and the healthy prepared potatoes are ready to enjoy.
    Patatas Hijolusa’s microwave-ready baby potatoes packed in the microwavable bag solution are available at approximately 3,000 retailers. During the packing process, a thermal transfer printer adds the expiry date to the bag, as well as product traceability details, ensuring that this information will reach the consumer in perfect condition.


  • Australian high-end brand moves to Schur®Star Box Bag

    The greatest possible exposure was the objective when one of Australia’s prime providers of seafood selected the pack for its exclusive Ocean Blue Trout Portions. The result is an eye-catching design signaling freshness and superior quality. A growing number of frozen products are sold from the supermarkets’ upright freezers, making the Schur®Star Box Bag the obvious choice. Due to its box-shaped bottom, the construction stands stable on the shelf, and its five surfaces give plenty of room for communication of the product profile, for product information and recipes. The Schur®Star Box Bag is made of a laminate combination that preserves the valuable nutrient contents of the trout and protects the product efficiently against any impact from outside. The Schur®Star Lock zipper maintains the product quality unchanged till the very last bite.


  • Perfect for the FIFA football World Cup: Snack tomatoes in a sporty Schur®Star bag

    Just in time for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018, two large Swiss vegetable marketers are launching their snack tomatoes on the market with a striking packaging design: The Schur®Star bag shaped like a T-shirt to match the globally popular event. It’s perfect because fans all over the world will spend hours in front of the screen in the coming weeks following their teams and spoiling themselves with all sorts of goodies and snacks. And of course they will want a bag that displays their national colours. It aims to address football fans as well as health-conscious consumers. The sophisticated Schur®Star concept allows vegetable marketers to quickly and easily change bags to other designs after the World Cup - or to bags shaped like a star, heart or any other shape. And it’s just as easy to change to classic formats such as the stand-up bag with carrier handle and reclosability.