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Formed in 1910, Schmalz is now the market leader in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling solutions.
Vacuum technology is in demand in a variety of industry sectors and is utilized in many ways ranging from individual components to complete solutions. Schmalz is the market leader in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling solutions, combining decades of experience and comprehensive expertise with the ambition to create custom solutions for our customers from industry and trade. We help companies in the automation technology, handling technology and clamping technology sectors to design their production processes more efficiently and strike new paths with the help of vacuum technology.

Schmalz offers handling technology for manual lifting tasks in numerous industries. The solutions consist of a vacuum lifter such as a tube lifter Jumbo or a lifting device VacuMaster and a compatible crane system.

Schmalz offers vacuum technology for automation. The comprehensive range of individual vacuum components includes all the elements needed to set up your own vacuum systems. Ready to connect gripper systems are individually configured by experienced system consultants.

Vacuum suction cups
Special grippers
Area gripping systems and end effectors
Mounting elements
Vacuum generators
Valve technology
Switches and system monitoring
Filters and connections


Product news

  • Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboFlex

    The vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex allows you to move lighter goods up to 50 kg ergonomically and with high cycle rates. The control handle fits comfortably in the hand and allows the operator to work for a long period of time without fatigue. With simple one-finger control, lifting, lowering and releasing the load is extremely intuitive. The JumboFlex’ wide range of features allows it to tackle virtually any task. It comes standard with a quick-change system for replacing the vacuum grippers. Workpieces which are gripped from the vertical side automatically swing back into the horizontal position where they can be continuously rotated.

    Workpieces up to 50 kg with high cycle frequencies
    One-hand operation for rapid movement processes
    One-finger / two-finger control for right-handed and left-handed users
    Product Inquiries:
    We would be happy to help you design a vacuum lifting device and a compatible crane.


  • Vacuum Area Gripping Systems FXCB/FMCB

    The area gripping system FXCB/FMCB is ideal for stationary handling tasks with collaborative robots. It is suitable for handling workpieces regardless of size and geometry The area gripping system is equipped with an integrated pneumatic vacuum generation. Its extremely low weight and rounded shape make this gripper particularly well suited for HRC operation. Thanks to the innovative product design featuring increased contact surface and reduced impact forces, the gripper fulfills the requirements of ISO TS 15066.

    Ready-to-connect robot set for lightweight robots and cobots based on an intelligent and pneumatic area gripper
    In addition to the area gripper, also includes the required connection cable
    Low-weight robot set for handling workpieces in the area of intra-logistics
    Perfect for stationary handling tasks such as palletizing and de-palletizing cardboard boxes