Programme overview


13th November

11:00 - 14:30

The future in Europe – the packaging of 2030

(presentation in Spanish)

Last year the European Union published the European Plastics Strategy in which new sustainibility goals for packaging were established. As well, in 2030 all plastic packaging that will be in the market will be reusable, recyclable or compostable.

The present journey will analyze which are the main regulatory changes and trends that are marking the packaging sustainibility, one year after the European Union present its new guidelines. In addition, will be exposed different measures that are being taken by the manufacturers of consumer products and of the big distribution will be exposed so they can adapt their packaging to the requirements of the circular economy.

Aspects such as the steps necessary for adapting the containers to this new horizon, the restrictions on certain single-use plastics and single-dose containers, the new developments of materials that arise in this context, the trends in the accessories of recycled materials to the container or the innovative technologies to favor the recyclability of multilayer materials, will be collected in session with the aim of tracing the path to Europe in 2030.

Organized by:



Carlos Monerris


¿Cómo adaptar mi envase al nuevo horizonte?: Claves para la adecuación

Carlos Monerris, Director Comercial ITENE


ponente mercadona


Adaptación del envase a la economía circular en la gran Distribución

Adela Torres, Gerente de Responsabilidad Social de Mercadona


Laura Blanco


Restricciones a ciertos plásticos de un solo uso y envases monodosis 

Laura Blasco, Responsable de Proyectos en el Área de Sostenibilidad de ITENE




Incorporación de materiales reciclados al envase. Caso práctico autorización envase alimentario

Raúl Díaz, Responsable de Proyectos en el Área de Seguridad Alimentaria de ITENE




Since joining Adolfo Domínguez in 2011 as Director of eCommerce & Omni-channel, sales figures have increased by 1,918%, multiplying the company’s turnover by 20!


During her session, she will be sharing her experience on how to push digital transformation in organisations, how to make online purchasing & selling profitable and the latest digital trends.


Laura Blanco


¿Cómo hacer que mi envase sea reciclable? Casos prácticos

Laura Blasco, Responsable de Proyectos en el Área de Sostenibilidad de ITENE




Desarrollo de envases multicapa 100% compostables

Natalia Ortuño, Responsable de Proyectos en el Área de Nuevos Materiales de ITENE


Carlos Monerris


Envase reutilizable, reciclable o compostable: ¿Cuál es mi opción?

Carlos Monerris, Director Comercial ITENE

14:00 - 15:00


15:00 - 15:30

Caso Koipe: renovarse o morir

Esta es la historia de cómo una marca de aceite ha sabido reinventarse, cambiar su posicionamiento y empezar a conectar de forma novedosa con un nuevo target.
Estrategia que detrás del cambio de posicionamiento de Koipe desde una doble perspectiva: la del cliente y la de lacía, la agencia que ha llevado a cabo el diseño de packaging.



Teresa Turrión Aguirre 

Brand Manager Koipe



Francesca Dal Molin 

Directora de Clientes de lacía Branding&Packaging 


Presentación de libro: "Design Experience. Best Packaging from Spain"


Después de varios años de mostrar cada mes los más atrevidos y creativos diseños de packaging y etiquetas de los más reconocidos diseñadores españoles, en la revista InfoPack decidimos que era ahora de dar visibilidad y poner en valor la complejidad de un proceso creativo clave en el éxito o fracaso de cualquier producto: el de su packaging. "Design Experience. Best Packaging from Spain” recorre, con gran riqueza visual, los trabajos publicados a lo largo de 2018 a través de 30 proyectos, o experiencias de Branding & Design, muchos de ellos premiados, así como 8 Master Class de reputados profesionales. Sin duda, todo un homenaje al poder evocador del diseño y a su capacidad para contar historias que generen emoción.

16:30 - 17:00

Opportunities in the future of packaging: digital technology and industry 4.0.

(presentation in Spanish)

The industry is changing rapidly. The new communication channels and the trend towards personalization mean that packaging is becoming increasingly important in the purchase process. In this session we will analyze what are the main challenges to be faced in the coming years and how digital production technology and industry 4.0. they may be the answer.



Patricia Criado

Marketing Specialist in DURST

17:00 - 17:30

Sustainability packaging to stop the climate change. Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Pablo Narvaez


Pablo Narváez Cañedo

Cadena de Custodia y Desarrollo de Marca en PEFC

14th November

10:30 - 11:40

Technological challenges for sustainable packaging

(presentation in Spanish)

Panel discussion format.
Organised and moderated by PACKNET and with the participation of ECOEMBES, AIMPLAS, Nekicesa and Domino.

Belen packnet


Mª Belén García Fernández (moderator)    PACKNET director

Silvia Oliver


Silvia Oliver - Responsable Sostenibilidad Producto, Laboratorio y Calidad Proveedores de ITC Packaging

Javier clemente


Javier Clemente - Investigador en Departamento Sostenibilidad y Valorización Industrial de AIMPLAS



Salvador Martínez – Director General Obeikan MDF España



María Pérez - Coordinadora del Departamento de Empresas y Ecodiseño de ECOEMBES



Marga RomoKey Account Manager en NEKICESA



Vincenç Villalta – Product & Solution Manager en DOMINO SPAIN

11:50 - 12:20

The role of the distributor in our sector: Are you only useful or do you rock in the sector?

(presentation in Spanish)

The success of the products and services sales depends on the optimal application of the ideal distributor formula:

Machinery + Consumables + SAT + Closeness + Confidence

The conference will break down the variables proximity and confidence, and what particularities they should have, to help the supplier companies in choosing the best distributor.



Alfonso Sanchez Espin

Responsable del Departamento de Marketing en Maquinaria Y Embalajes Rocamora

12:30 - 13:00

"Avanzamos" y "Un Mundo Sin Residuos": the packaging strategy of Coca-Cola

(presentation in Spanish)

“Avanzamos” and “Un Mundo sin Residuos” are the two action frameworks that shape Coca-Cola Iberia's packaging sustainability strategy. A review will be made of the international challenge of The Coca-Cola Company in terms of packaging, covering the main data derived from its implementation in Spain. Eco-innovation, packaging collection and partnership are the key axes of these actions, where the Circular Seas project is also framed.



Ana Gascón 

RSC Manager in Coca-Cola Iberia

14:30 - 15:30


15:30 - 16:00

Sustainability in packaging: a practical example of its profitability

(presentation in Spanish)



Eva Sánchez 

Packaging Technical Services Manager and IMEx Leadership deployment Lead in PFIZER

16:10 - 16:40

Packaging design - Solutions tailored to current needs

(presentation in Spanish)

Explanation in detail of the development process of real projects for the design of new packaging and as factors such as productivity (digital vs. industrial), choice of material to be used and its sustainability, automation or differentiation, place of production, etc. define the path of the final design result. NG - Solutions tailored to current needs.



José Fco. Navarro Mechó

Fundador y director de PackCo, Brand&Packaging