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ATLAS Delivery

ATLAS Delivery


10312 Tallinn

Atlas, owner and core developer of AtlasDelivery (delivery automation cloud system), was founded by Oleg KRAUS in 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia. With 100% private capital, it operates more than 25 clients, mainly in the UK, with an annual turnover of € 3Mln.

More about AtlasDelivey http://atlasdelivery.io


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  • About Atlas Delivery in one minute video

    How to achieve a ROI over 145% and more?
    How to multiply repeat purchases x 2.5: from 34% to 88%?
    How to make 41% less negative feedback?

    =>Providing customers an excellent delivery service: your customers are notified about the estimated time of delivery arrival. They can easily track delivery online. They communicates with you via live-chat. They can change delivery time or place at one touch. It's comfortable for them. They get used to it. They shop again.