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Storfast Warehouse Automation

Storfast Warehouse Automation


28003 MADRID

Storfast system is a world-class, industry leading technology developed in response to the market’s demands for a more modern flexible solution compared to the rigid and heavy traditional warehouse automation solutions available.

Storfast solution offers numerous advantages in initial cost, performance, space, running costs, safety and maintenance compared to other solutions.

Storfast cart-based solution offer higher density and higher throughput than traditional crane based systems. The system are extremely flexible and are able to follow the contours of existing buildings, often eliminating the need for new construction.

Carts operate on each level of the system thus they have built-in redundancy, resulting in greater efficiency.

Storfast solution offers:
• Higher throughputs and greater flexibility
• Maximum storage capacity with highest throughput in smallest footprint
• Minimal facility modification required, ideal for existing Brownfield facilities
• Modular system allows for expansion as capacity requirements and SKUs increase

StorFast is comprised of storage rows distributed across areas called Modules.
Each Module has different levels and each of them with a main aisle with multiple rows located on the right and left sides for storage and retrieval of pallets.
On the main aisle of every level there is an Aisle Shuttle (AS) that moves along the aisle, with its companion Row Shuttle (RS) that moves along the rows.

The shuttles are electric motor driven rail-guided vehicles for automatically storing and retrieving pallets.
The Aisle Shuttle transports a pallet to or from an assigned row and then the Row Shuttle stores or retrieves the pallet to or from a row position.

The movement of the shuttles is automatically controlled by software in an onboard Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which communicates with a main controller.

The Aisle Shuttle and Row Shuttle can be operated manually through a touch screen Human Machine Interface (HMI). The HMI allows the operator to verify the current state of the vehicles, modify parameter, etc.