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28021 MADRID

Founded in August 2012, Palibex has extended its network throughout the country|
thanks to a network of local franchises that guarantee delivery of your shipments anywhere in Spain within 24 hours. Palibex has a fleet of over 500 trucks and employs more than 600 people.

The first wholly Spanish
pallet transport network
Palibex is the first and only company specialised in the express transport of palletised goods that is 100% Spanish owned operating through a network of local franchises.

​​A unique rear-loading
operating system
Palibex uses a unique rear loading system as opposed to other
pallet distribution networks which use a lateral loading system.

This model required a greater initial investment in facilities and infrastructure but has made us more competitive. Vehicles do not need to enter the warehouse to unload, providing greater security to the process and resulting in a damaged goods ratio 10 times lower than our competitors

​​Extensive coverage thanks to Collaborative Logistics
Palibex is a model of collaboration between local companies to provide national coverage while maintaining the highest quality of service and personalised customer attention.
This collaborative model is exemplified by Palibex’s strategic alliance with Tipsa, the first agreement between pallet and parcel delivery services, or with Palet System, the largest pallet network in France, opening the doors to the European market.