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Cassioli Ibérica S.L.

Cassioli Ibérica S.L.


30004 MURCIA

The real CASSIOLI tradition is an aptitude to innovation and to the ongoing search for simple and functional solutions. The clients in this sector require innovative technology that has highly complex automation therefore they need to choose a partner who is able to design and to create flexible systems using mechanical technology and cutting edge elettronics.

In our 5 plants and over 60,000 square meters of production area, CASSIOLI produces: automatic warehouses, assembly lines, vertical warehouses, testing systems, automatic guided vehicles, satellites, self propelled shuttles and robotized workstations. Additionaly we produce specific handling systems equipped with rollers, chains, shutters or carpet depending on the products specific needs.

Every project at CASSIOLI is produced from start to finish in our factories and the complete systems of handling or storage is made using only CASSIOLI products. We can therefore offer a more efficient solution and meet every requirement of our customers. All our products are managed by the necessary IT systems. The internal software house creates programs and applications that can control and monitor the Warehouse Management System and the cycle of production in every phase.