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AS SOFTWARE specializes in consulting and implementation services management software, with a length of 30 years in the market for ERP company has the know-how that allows it to position itself as a national firm specializing in implementation reference management software .
The high rate of penetration of its solutions in the field of small, medium and large enterprises has led to computerize more than 1,500 companies from all sectors.
Develops and markets proprietary solutions like B2B, ecommerce, sales force mobility PPPs, ERP, Production Plant, Warehouse management software (AS SGA), mobile computing, Dashboards, applications for Point Of Sales or performance Data Center services, including both SaaS technology as Client / Server.
AS it belongs to the business group Software AS Group, which also comprises the companies AS Software Hosting, Data Center service provider and consulting firm CID AS, Research and Development group.


Product news

  • The EOS Psychological Guidance Institute , optimizes management psychoeducational assessment with AS Software

    The Institute of Psychological Guidance EOS, a national leader in the field of educational psychology and counseling, has computerized management correction battery EVALUA, test for psychoeducational assessment, one of the most important tools of psychology education and counselors.

    EOS chose development as the high degree of customization and complexity entailed managing correcting test the relevance of having done in web mode, so that among other advantages, any user can access the platform from any part of the world, at any time. To do this AS Software assigned to the project by the experience in the technical team and demonstrable consultancy working with real project.

    The project represents a big change for EOS having to stop using the old software that was obsolete in a local environment, where you had to download each program and not allowed to share resources with enormous complexity in the control of the licenses provided without refer to the large number of incidents for installation.

    The new implementation analyzed and developed by AS Software has meant features and improvements as may be:

    - Execution internet and fully responsive.
    - New features for schools to interact directly with EOS by the application.
    - New design current and functional.
    - Improved speed data entry.
    - Developed in Symphony 2 out of PHP.
    - All data management is included in security certificates, encryption identification of students.
    - Control menu options by user role.
    - Reports and graphics based on the latest engines under JavaScript
    - Control functionality according to user roles


  • L7 Prestige Brands launches ecommerce

    Developed and implemented by AS Software, eCommerce allows L7 Prestige Brands have an integrated sales channel management software FAS-5.

    L7 Prestige Brands, distribution company of premium brands of giftware, home decor, books, toys, hardware and furniture, among others, has launched its new eCommerce, developed and implemented by AS Software, manufacturer of software management.

    ECommerce has been fully integrated with FAS-5, management software working with the company, and allows end customers and Commercial Department L7 Prestige Brands see the catalog of products and streamline order entry.

    Thanks to this solution eCommerce, L7 Prestige Brands has given visibility to your product catalog publicly. The products are organized by brand and families / subfamilies, showing MSRP, availability depending on the configuration and management by the client with its various stores, and technical data and image thereof.

    At this early stage it does not allow unregistered buy to be targeted at commercial or "known" clients L7 Prestige Brands by users, who already agreed conditions of delivery, payment ...

    Comment that, in case of a commercial, once registered must choose the client that you want to operate among all who have assigned in the system.

    The user, once registered, you can access purchase items with their cost of transfer (their particular conditions that are based on the recommended retail price plus discounts applied).

    The addition of the products to the shopping is done through browsing the catalog, although the user can feed new orders from their consumption or their own historical order made, whether or not generated from this platform.

    The request generated in the eCommerce, appears automatically in the management software FAS-5 and an alert entry Commercial Department L7 Prestige Brands that once revised, proceed to unlock the order is generated and automatically switches in the circuit issuing FAS-5, thereby expediting all procedures


  • AS Software was present at the First Mediterranean Logistics Forum

    AS SOFTWARE has been present in the Mediterranean Logistics Forum, held on 22 and 23 April in the Congress Center Victor Villegas. Specialized in improving logistics management, must-attend for those who would like to improve in this area and share its experience in an open environment that facilitated the participation and knowledge among forum attendees.
    The Forum responded to issues affecting the improvement of business from the logistical point of view, through innovative proposals that allow new perspectives to promote the competitiveness of participating companies


  • AS Software revealed its latest in ERP, warehouse management and mobility solutions

    AS Software, specializing in business management software, use its presence in LOGISTICS 2014 to present their latest developments especially in ERP, warehouse management systems and mobility solutions.

    The company, which will be located at booth G16, has already revealed that showcase its latest versions of AS-SGA, your automation system warehouse management, and FAS-5 v4, the most comprehensive management software (ERP-CRM) Cloud. It will also display its analysis solutions to optimize logistics processes and electronic commerce (B2B and B2C) applied to logistics.

    Thus, AS Software to bring the following new audience: new version of AS-SGA, software to automate warehouse management that integrates with the most recognized market ERPs (FAS-5, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, EKON , Navision, etc.); FAS-5 v4, the most complete software (ERP-CRM) Business Management in the Cloud (Cloud), able to meet the needs of SMEs and large enterprises under a dual mode of operation: Cloud and Client-Server; solutions analysis and data mining with Dashboards and Reporting as well as web applications and Sales Force AS AS E-Commerce / Online Store (B2B and B2C) applied to logistics.

    Precisely the latter two solutions, Sales Force and AS AS E-Commerce / Online Store (B2B and B2C) mainly provide added value to any company logistics by enabling users to access and work from mobile devices with information ERP and consult at any time the data and company information and manage sales orders, consumption, product catalogs promotional outlets, news tracking and logistics / transportation.


    Catálogo comercial solución AS-SGA


  • AS SOFTWARE participates in LOGISTICS 2014

    The company will be located at booth G16 and showcase its latest developments in automation, process analysis and application in optimizing logistics processes. Such solutions include AS-SGA, warehouse management software, ERP and Logistics Scorecard (CML), respectively.