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60131 Ancona

Itworks, is an Italian software company, based in Ancona, focused on customized ICT solutions for mobile users and supply chain, using RFID, AIDC and networking.
The major market segments where Itworks is present:
manufacturing, food, pharma, chemical, mechanic and fashion industries.
Technologies: Auto ID, emulation software, radiofrequency and mobile systems, networking, multimedia, voice recognition, OCR and VOIP.


Product news

  • vo-CE AR

    Like its precursor vo-CE, vo-CE AR is a software that enhances order preparation. Thanks to the power of augmented reality and all the experience that Itworks has gained in the last decade, vo-CE AR can help you innovate the warehouse operations.
    This new solution can connect with the WMS or the ERP (VT100/220, 3270/5250, HTTP); with the help of simple tags and configuration it creates a virtual environment of your warehouse according to the picking list and the warehouse/shelf layout.
    The user works in the augmented reality supported by various data: 3D vision, audio input (Automatic Speech Recognition) and output (Text To Speech) as well as barcode/QR scanning — all integrated in one solution that is vo-CE AR.