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We take care of developing, designing, producing and distributing automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) and systems for: dragging trolleys and transporting all type of materials.

Our AGVs obey the orders marked on a circuit very precisely. They are highly innovative and intuitive products; becoming a reliable, safe and easy-to-use, work companion.

Our commitment to innovation allow us to offer user-friendly solutions that set trends in our work environment.


Product news

  • Kivnon to showcase a rotational AGV with load elevation and its updated mapping navigation at Logistics Madrid

    November 12th and 13th Kivnon will exhibit its products and lasts developments at Stand A09 in Hall 12

    Kivnon, manufacturer and distributor of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), will be present one more year in Logistics Madrid, one of the most important appointments in the logistics sector. The Spanish brand will exhibit the AGV K05 Twister with a lifting platform. This automated guided vehicle has a 360º rotational capacity on its own axis, in addition to a capacity of load up to 500kg and 1.000kg of drag on wheeled trolley.

    Easyfairs, the company in charge of organizing the event, has included the AGV K05 Twister within the Innovations Gallery of the fair, a space reserved for the most innovative products, where Kivnon K05 is the only AGV this year.

    In addition, there will also be time to see the bidirectional AGV Two-Way K11 with an updated mapping navigation. With this system, based on SLAM technology, the circulation of the AGVs is totally free, and without guidance elements on the floor (tapes, tags, etc.). Everything is configured through Flexmap®, a software developed by Kivnon. During the fair days we will have the opportunity to see a live performance synchronized with the AGV.

    The Spanish company, based in Barcelona, continues to focus on its international projection and will take advantage of Logistics Madrid to also show examples of their latest projects undertaken in different sectors with world-class customers that we can get to know at the event.


  • Kivnon announces at Intralogistica Italia a partnership agreement with CLS

    The Spanish trade mark, an automated guided vehicles (AGVs) manufacturer, participates with CLS at the Italian trade fair, where they have officially laid out a partnership agreement.

    INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA, that takes places in Milan, is Italy's most relevant event dedicated to the most innovative solutions and integrated systems for materials handling, warehouse management, materials storage and picking.

    Kivnon will share stand with CLS, an Italian company specialized in logistics equipment, exhibiting the bidirectional AGV K11 Two-Way, with drag capacity up to 3.000kg. Both firms have seized the trade show in Italy to announce a partnership agreement.

    “Our interest in Kivnon is linked to the demand of innovative solutions to enrich our portfolio", points out Michele Calabrese, Marketing and Product Manager at CLS, adding: "we consider that Kivnon's products masterfully apply a modern technology which involves an innovation that we understand will be very appreciated by our local market."

    CLS has now 11 branches, 9 operating centers, a fleet of more than 180 technicians on the field, that turn it into a leading solution company in the logistics sector in Italy.

    This cooperation is yet another sign of Kivnon's international projection in the last years. After exhibiting this year their AGVs in such prominent trade fairs as LogiMAT (Stuttgart) or Intralogistics (Paris), this week we will see Kivnon at Fiera Milano: Hall 10, stand K27 - H26 of Intralogistica Italia.


  • Kivnon at LogiMAT and SITL, the two leading trade fairs in Europe for the logistics field

    During the month of March all the industrial companies, including Kivnon, had the opportunity to present their new products, solutions and innovations in both international fairs.
    Kivnon exhibited two 'mouse' automated guided vehicles (AGVs); AGV Kivnon K05 Twister with magnetic guidance and AGV Kivnon K11 Two-Way with mapping navigation.
    Both AGVs were in constant movement through the stand, thanks to Kivnon's team that had previously prepared a loop for them. Due to their security scanners, they could move and share space with visitors and customers.
    LogiMAT and SITL are two shows oriented to R+D+I. LogiMAT, which was held the week of March 13th to the 15th in Stuttgart, focuses on organizations and digital processes to solve the emergence of, increasingly, logistical challenges. On the other hand, SITL, which took place a week later, from the 20th to the 23rd in Paris, is more focused on innovative solutions for the transport of goods and the logistics chain.
    The technological and innovative aspect of both fairs is in line with Kivnon's commitment with innovation to offer user-friendly solutions. Both fairs, which gathered more than 100,000 visitors in 7 days, represented an excellent space to exhibit the solutions proposed by the technology company in the industrial environment.


  • Kivnon launches new website

    The company located in Barcelona, dedicated to the development of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), offers a radical step forward with his new site.

    Kivnon is striving towards to be a leading company in technology and innovation worldwide in Industry 4.0. In its desire to keep innovating, Kivnon has launched a new website, with a very intuitive navigation and a simpler and more visual design, following the 'user-friendly' line that defines both, its brand and its products.

    A space where all the information about its solutions for the optimization of productive and logistic processes in the industrial environment is more accessible. The website, currently available in three languages and expanded to five soon, reflects the potential of Kivnon and its commitment to merge the concepts of movement and simplicity within processes so complex such as the industrial ones.

    Kivnon presents this new project as one of the reasons of its constant internationalization. The launch of www.kivnon.com is a turning point in the development of the company's corporate image, following its recent participation at LogiMAT (Stuttgart, Germany) and SITL (Paris, France), the two largest logistics events of the year in Europe.


  • Kivnon implements Free Navigation based on the technique SLAM for its AGVs

    With the introduction of this new method, based in the technology SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), the company Kivnon offers the complete free navigation for its AGV´s.

    The SLAM technology allows the AGV to generate a map of the place where it is used and at the same time uses this map to determinate its exact position in real time.

    The SLAM technology helps the Kivnon AGV´s is the generation of maps from its surroundings which is constantly changing and dynamic. Also it can generate infinite loops for different AGV´s and with the centralized software control system makes it the optimate method for changing production lines.

    Xavier Munells Technical Director from Kivnon comments: ¨with the help of SLAM technology, we realized in Kivnon that our customers do not have the need to do any prior installation, they can have future information about the movement of their AGV and the configuration of loops is quick and easy, which results in the maximum possible flexibility in a factory¨.

    With the introduction of this new technique, Kivnon offers a large variety of types of navigation for its AGV´s, and the company has the option to adapt to the personal preferences from each customer and each situation.


  • Kivnon develops first AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) in the world that operates on artificial vision

    The AGV developed by the R&D department from Kivnon is the first AGV that has the capacity to interpret commands from a human operator with the help of artificial vision.

    The AGV is able to receive orders through movements the operator makes with his hand and arm. Besides the visually received orders the AGV uses artificial vision of its surroundings, to define the distance to the operator and to take decisions on the speed it will move and the route to take.

    The benefit of this development is that this creates a more natural interaction between the operator and the AGV and lowers the necessity of having different devices to control the process in the working environment. This development can be especially interesting for a picking process in a plant.

    The basic functions that are programmed now are the following:

    1. Call the AGV

    2. Come to me and follow me

    3. Stop

    Juan Prieto, Managing Director of Kivnon comments: ¨this is a very important step and we really feel part of the development of the future of manufacturing. The fact that our development was succesful shows us that we will be able to make Kivnon´s products even more user friendly in the future.¨ Mr. Prieto foresees that the manufacturing facilities of the future will be full with these type of AGV´s.

    Kivnon operates with the philosophy to develop products that are highly innovative and user friendly. So this product fits perfectly in the long term plan of the company to be the leader in Innovative / user friendly and cost saving solutions with AGV´s and related products.

    Kivnon presents one of its first prototypes at the at the trade show ¨Logistics & Distribution¨ coming up in Madrid the 23rd and 24th of November 2016.


  • Kivnon presents a Mobile APP to make instant programming of an AGV circuit easy

    With the latest APP that KIVNON made for Android smart phones, Kivnon offers the operators of the manufacturing facility the option to easy program a circuit of the AGV in its facility. With this Kivnon fits its products perfectly in the fourth industrial revolution (Industy 4.0).

    The AGV receives orders while circulating through the facility with the Tags that are placed on the floor on the route. The Tags are read by the AGV and this information allows the AGV to realize its functions.

    The user-friendly part of this system can be found in the fact that the plant operator can modify each tag in a few seconds by holding his smartphone above the tag and change the route / speed or any type of instruction for the AGV´s passing by.

    The Managing Director of Kivnon; Juan Prieto mentions that this system creates enormous benefits for his customers. First of all, the installation of the circuit at the initial phase of each project can be done entirely by the customer himself. This means an important cost saving aspect with the start-up of any project.
    The second benefit is the flexibility to make all type of changes any time of the day in the circuit without the intervention of Kivnon. And as third the easiness of maintenance and installation of the whole system.

    Kivnon operates with the philosophy to develop products that are highly innovative and user friendly. So this product fits perfectly in the long term plan of the company to be the leader in Innovative / user friendly and cost saving solutions with AGV´s and related products.

    The market of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) is developing at high pace because of the cost / space and operational savings that can be established. Kivnon continues to develop solutions that will help its customers with this development.


  • Kivnon and ABB develop a ‘Collaborative Robot AGV’ together

    The newly developed Collaborative Robot AGV is a result of a successful cooperation between ABB and Kivnon. This new innovation fits perfectly in both companies’ strategies to offer innovative solutions and make them user friendly.

    The YuMi collaborative robot already has an important place in the market and makes collaboration between humans and robots a reality. The combination of creating a collaborative robot AGV is another step to create a practical solution for the different manufacturing requirements. The YuMi robot was specifically designed to meet the flexible and agile production needs in the electronics industry. But equally it can be found in small parts assembly environments.

    The benefits
    The large benefit that ABB and Kivnon see in this cooperation is that this AGV creates flexibility to use the collaborative robot at different workstations all the time. The Collaborative Robot AGV receives a work-order to go the workstation that has a job pending. This creates flexibility of the tasks a collaborative robot can do.

    Secondly the Collaborative Robot drastically reduces its potential down time, because it can work in different work stations. As a result, the payback time from the collaborative robot can be reduced. And of course there is the practical benefit of the easy maintenance, because it can be driven out, easily.

    Juan Prieto, Managing Director of Kivnon comments: ¨the development of user friendly products and solutions for our customers is part of our vision, and this cooperation with ABB gave us another succesful product that can help our customers with their steps towards their innovation”.

    Kivnon operates with the philosophy to develop products that are highly innovative and user friendly. So this product fits perfectly in the long term plan of the company to be the leader in Innovative / user friendly and cost saving solutions with AGV´s and related products.


  • Kivnon changes head office and increases its manufacturing capacity

    Kivnon has moved its head office and production facility with showroom from Badalona (Barcelona) to a new location within the city.

    New Address Kivnon:
    Polígono Industrial “La Pedrosa”, (Barcelona),
    Carrer Rafael Barradas, nº5,
    Hospitalet de Llobregat 08908

    Juan Prieto, Managing Director of Kivnon said ¨This is a tremendous step for the future of this company, with this facility Kivnon increased its installed production capacity to 180 Automatic Guided Vehicles per month. Also Kivnon now has a large showroom available for customer demo´s and pre-release tests.¨

    The location Barcelona was strategically chosen, as this brings the company in the heart of the innovation in Europe. The innovative solutions that Kivnon offers to its customers need highly skilled engineers and constant company and product development.