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The J.Hernando group is specialized in the manufacture and integration of material handling systems since 1966, stands out in product quality.

The prestige achieved is the result of a team of professionals that are part of our company, with an experience of over 40 years. We do individual monitoring of each client, providing technical advice at all times.

► Logistics
► Packaging
► Food industry
► Graphic industry,newspapers and cardboard factories
► Pharmaceutical Laboratories logistics
► Automation systems

- Transport systems: Belt conveyor, roller conveyors, driven rollers Curves...

- Data capture module: It combines the functions of dynamic weighing of parcels, bar code reading and volume control of parcels.

- Sorting systems

- Stacking and retrieval systems: Mainly trays and boxes with a great cycle speed, getting through the process in a very short time; and great stack height.

- Caljan telescopic conveyors: Belt and roller telescopic conveyors.

- Extendable conveyors: modular conveyor, high quality extensible and flexible conveyors, durability and reliability proven, giving it exceptional performance for all types of loading and unloading loose bundles.

- Transnorm curves and belt integrators: belt curved conveyors with high speed and high load capacity.

- Twentebelt Wire mesh: its great strength allows supporting heavy loads over large widths and high temperatures.

- Air transport systems

- Conveyor belts and thermoweldable belts: Conveyor belts with textile structure of polyester, polyamide traction core or fiberglass.
Superficial coverage of PVC, polyurethane, elastomer, silicone or polyolefin.
Antistatic special treatments, Flame-FDA (especially for food), etc.
The sealable belts are specially designed for applications where hygiene guarantees are essential.


Product news

  • JHernando has manufactured, at the request of Friolvega, a transport system for introduce pallets in a freezing chamber

    Our company JHernando recently had a new and challenging logistical challenge. Friólvega, a leader in integrated temperature controlled logistics belonging to the group Molinero Logística, needed to automate the transport of pallets to a freezing chamber.
    The goal of Friólvega was to meet the needs of frozen storage of its customers in the shortest time possible given the level of growth that has occurred in this type of service in recent times, and in which Friólvega stands out for its efficiency. For which in their facilities was necessary to introduce europalets and pallets of 1200x1000mm with a capacity of 70 cycles / hour, and these had to be able to be introduced both on the left and front, with the possibility of being easily collected inside the freezing chamber.
    To this was added the express request of Friólvega that they should be able to be delivered at ground level with an electric or manual pallet, for which a lifting table was mounted in a pit with a conveyor of chains and metal slats, so that the machine circulates above the table being able to introduce the pallet on both sides as if it were on a smooth surface.
    Before entering the chamber, the pallet passes through a SAS (Security Airlock System), composed of two fast doors - one of them gives the camera and the other outside - that are never open at the same time, so that the cold of the camera is not let escape when introducing the pallet, and an automatism was implemented to maintain the watertightness to the passage of the pallets.
    Inside the camera we installed a motorized transport system that allows the accumulation of 10 pallets, which are always placed at the end of the line, being able to remove pallets from any of the posts and going to the free space which is located immediately behind. In addition, to ensure the maneuver in the cycle, we decided to install a luminous beacon that tells the operator when he can pick up the pallet.