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Import and distribution of Industrial machinery: forklifts and wharehouse equipments Short and long term rental. Used trucks. Maintenance contracts. Fleet management.


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  • Toyota sets another industry first with Smart Trucks

    Following the advance news released at CeMAT in April earlier this year, Toyota Material Handling Europe today confirms the inclusion of connectivity as a standard feature across the company’s range of warehouse trucks. “We made a commitment to provide the technology to support our customers to eliminate waste in their operations by putting them in control, and we are now able to fulfil that promise,” stated Matthias Fischer, President and CEO.

    The move means that virtually all warehouse trucks produced in Toyota’s Mjölby factory in Sweden will be ‘smart trucks’ - fitted with the necessary technology to transmit activity and diagnostic data, and this will automatically be gathered in a central database allowing Toyota and its customers to work with the information.

    “For our customers, it means they can accurately measure the work that trucks are doing, have a clear understanding of driver performance as well as managing impacts and efficiencies in key areas such as battery management. The aim is to maximise utilisation and therefore cut out waste associated with idle trucks, as well as taking steps to reduce errors and associated damage,” explained Ralph Cox, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Sales.

    This approach means that customers simply pay a small monthly subscription fee to access structured reports, which are available via the Toyota I_Site portal, and through associated mobile apps. There is no longer a hardware cost. Even those customers that decide not to pay the monthly subscription will be able to access core data such as a fleet list and working hours, at no cost at all.

    Furthermore Toyota will be able to use the data gathered to prepare for new advances such as predictive servicing, based on actual operating hours and rental programmes tailored to utilisation. “We recognise that with our customers we are now moving into a digital age, where data can make a dramatic difference to the bottom line. At Toyota we have always employed lean-thinking in our operations, and that means aiming for zero waste. Our commitment to smart truck production will help our customers to pursue this goal,” continued Ralph Cox.

    All orders taken from beginning October 2018 will be included in the programme, and first deliveries are scheduled before the end of November.



    Toyota to showcase digital transformation in logistics with Microsoft at CeMAT & Hannover Messe 2018

    Thanks to interactive exhibits at both CeMAT and Hannover Messe, customers will get a taste of future technologies to optimise their business.

    With the goal to become a market leader in material handling solutions and services, Toyota Material Handling Europe is investing in technology and embarking on a digital journey. Connectivity is key to efficient forklift service, and is one of the values of the Toyota Service Concept, Toyota’s service approach based on the Toyota Production System. Thanks to this lean approach to service, Toyota Material Handling can offer better planning, more added value and less muda (waste). Furthermore, telematics can be used to prepare and support the technicians in a better way. All these features can be found in T-Stream, the service tool developed by Toyota with help from Microsoft, which technicians are already using today.

    “As a strong collaborative partner, Microsoft is supporting us to help our dream come true: predictive servicing of forklifts with zero breakdowns as a goal,” says Axel Wahle, Marketing Director at Toyota Material Handling Europe. By identifying technical issues before they even happen customers will experience higher machine utilisation and elimination of downtime. “Our collaboration with Microsoft focuses mainly on developing technology, programming software, and future thinking about the next possibilities.”

    To discover what this collaboration already offers today, come and visit Pavilion 32 at CeMAT 2018: Under the theme ‘Think like Toyota’, Toyota Material Handling shares its long experience in the Toyota Production System and its lean thinking with visitors, together with key partners. Looking into what digital transformation in logistics might bring in the future, Toyota and Microsoft are also showcasing in the Digital Factory fair in Hall 7 at the Hannover Messe.


  • Connectivity: Toyota builds on experience of over 50,000 smart trucks in operation

    Connectivity: Toyota builds on experience of over 50,000 smart trucks in operation

    THINK : LIKE : TOYOTA is the theme for Toyota Material Handling at CeMAT 2018 (booth P32). Toyota will be sharing it’s approach to ‘lean logistics’ based on the Toyota Production System, including the latest developments in connectivity, with the established fleet management system I_Site.

    Toyota first launched the I_Site telematics platform ten years ago, creating the concept of a smart truck that reports performance data and activity levels, and allows effective management control of truck operations. Over the past decade the number of machines using the system has increased to over 50,000, which makes it one of the market’s leading platforms for the connectivity of vehicles.
    Users have reported significant benefits through the measurement and monitoring of truck operations, notably reducing accidents and damages through improved driver control and incident reporting. This also has a positive impact on safety in operations. Other benefits include improved battery management and truck utilisation levels.
    The latest developments with the I_Site system will be presented at CeMAT 2018. New features including the ability to measure and record the number of journeys undertaken with or without load, which will further increase management of utilisation levels – a critical factor for most operators. Toyota’s lean logistics concept aims to ensure minimum downtime and maximum value added though continuous movement, and this latest feature directly supports this goal.
    Other new features relate to service operations, with a ‘service request’ feature that allows operators to instantly report a problem with photo support. Toyota will also be announcing a new mobile service platform that will be used by all service technicians, allowing truck data from I_Site to be integrated with service planning to allow advanced pre-visit preparation and flash servicing, to reduce downtime to the lowest possible levels.
    The latest version of I_Site also includes a new user interface for both mobile and web-based versions of the platform.