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Established in 1943, Cascade Corporation operates in Portland, Oregon, and has over the years become the global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of materials handling attachments, forks, accessories and related technologies.

With operations and production strategically located all around the world, Cascade's unmatched service, support and expertise, combined with their advanced damage reduction technologies, flexible manufacturing, short lead times and quality products, strengthen the company's position as the premier supplier to the material handling industry.

Cascade Total Solutions
Cascade manufactures a variety of products that enable the conventional lift truck to become a more versatile and efficient materials handling tool. These products enable a lift truck to pull, push, clamp, lift, sideshift and rotate practically any unit load imaginable.

Cascade’s wide range of products includes Paper Roll Clamps, Tissue Clamps, Bale Clamps, Pulp Bale Clamps, Recycling Clamps, Carton Clamps, Forks, Rotators, Push/Pulls, Sideshifters, Multiple Load Handlers, and Fork Positioners, just to name a few.

Cascade Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of materials handling equipment and related technologies. As Cascade lays the groundwork for continued growth and success, its primary objective is ensure customer satisfaction by continually improving the quality and value of Cascade products and services. Cascade’s employees work across the continents to share their experience developing products. Such is Cascade’s dedication to its clients.

For more information visit www.cascorp.com