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HUBMASTER Storage & Handling Solutions, S.L.

HUBMASTER Storage & Handling Solutions, S.L.



HUBMASTER® Storage & Handing Solutions we have more than 20 years of experience with storage solutions for the intralogistics sector worldwide. With headquarters in Barcelona and commercial offices in Europe and the United States, we serve a wide variety of clients in five continents.

We are leaders in the manufacture and delivery "turnkey" of projects that include the best intelligent solutions of automatic handling of high performance, quality, durability and profitability. Conforming to the most stringent standards in the industry, our solutions provide high added value and guaranteed return on investment to customers in different industries and continents. Therefore, we are able to offer technologically increasingly advanced and reliable solutions. Thanks to HUBMASTER®, you can be sure that your logistics center will be optimized at its maximum capacity.

HUBMASTER® is a specialized technology for lifting and moving loads for the most demanding industrial environments, now available in a 100% automatic version. Designed and manufactured by Basstech Engineering Group, leader in the manufacture and turnkey delivery of projects that include intralogistics solutions of high performance, quality and durability, with more than 20 years of experience in the design of customized solutions and hundreds of projects installed all over the world.


Product news

  • Automatic systems for high density storage in the industry

    The high-density HUMASTER® automatic system is capable of operating in very narrow corridors from 1.35 meters wide and at a height of more than 10 meters. The particularity of this system is that it keeps 5 cm high from the ground avoiding contact with the surface, so it does not require good industrial pavement.