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Amplia gama de productos para la manipulación de cargas en distintos sectores:
papel , bebidas , almacenaje , logística. , todas sus necesidades tienen solución nuestro equipo más de 800 personas se esfuerzan cada día para trabajar con una mayor seguridad en la manipulación de mercancías


Product news


    500 Kg - 2000 Kg
    •Designed as a "work station" to provide improved ergonomic conditions to ensure the health, safety and comfort of the operator together with improved productivity.


  • Sideshifters and Fork Positioners

    2500 - 3500 - 4900 Kg
    •The MZ series fork positioner is based on the HN sideshift frame.
    •Standard lift truck forks can be easily fitted.
    •No forks welding required.
    •Accurate forks mouvement.
    •Excellent visibility.
    •Original load backrest can be easily fitted on the fork positioner.


  • Sideshifters and Fork Positioners

    2500 Kg - 10000 Kg
    •Unique Shaft Guide Concept - low maintenance requirement.
    •No grease emersion, clean load and clean environment.
    •Lowest Life Cycle Costs
    •Highly energy efficient in operation.
    •Optimum visibility over, through and underneath the chassis.
    •Integral (valve block) sideshift for exact load positioning.
    •Synchronized fork travel within the frame width.
    •Excellent operation speed.
    •Standard lift truck forks can be utilized.


  • Pulp Bale Clamps and Waste Paper Bale Clamps

    10000 Kg
    •Heavy-duty pulp bale clamp for handling of 4 units.
    •Steel profile frame with strong "T" profile arm carrier.
    •Colorless arms welded directly to the arm carriers. Left arm pivoted.
    •Slim and strong arm design ensures easy knifing and tight stacking.
    •Built-in integral sideshift improves positioning.


  • Multi Pallet Handlers


    •From the Inventor of the modern multiple pallet logistics: The new MEYER Generation G Multiple Pallet Handler - now with further improved visibility, reduced weight and many other improvements to further enhance the efficiency of full maintenance operations:
    •Improved visibility through the new Chassis Design
    •Optimum visibility on all levels
    •Reduced attachment weight, robustly designed
    •Highest energy efficiency
    •Built for use in heavy duty applications
    •Maximum flexibility for many applications
    •Optimised fork settings: 160 mm over closed fork pair and 230 mm in between closed pairs
    •Easy fork entry in standard and special pallets
    •Forks spread standard 550 mm
    •The Partner Product for Full Maintenance Operations
    •New Gas Spring position in line
    •Sideshift in a protected position
    •Easy service, low maintenance requirements


  • Home Appliance and Carton Clamps

    900 Kg - 1600 Kg
    •Very rigid frame structure with single piece double T-profile.
    •Wide visibility window for safe and easy handling operations.
    •Large surface aluminium pads.
    •Single oscillating pad.
    •Special high-friction vulcanized rubber lining for increased positive grip allowing safe and damage-free handling.
    •Interchangeable left-right pads for more even rubber wear.
    •Thin arm profile and new elbow support design allow easy knifing between loads.


  • Reach Forks

    2000 Kg - 4500 Kg
    •Hydraulic reach forks.
    •For loading and unloading of vehicles from one side.
    •For handling pallets in double deep racking.
    •Two pallets at a time can be handled.
    •Pallets of different sizes can be handled.
    •Integral cylinders, the length of forks can be changed from the driver's seat.
    •For the residual capacity calculation, please contact Bolzoni



    The Bolzoni Auramo has a complete range of clamps for efficient and damage-free handling of heavy loads in the Forest Products logistic chain. These are conceived with the purpose of optimizing each specific handling requirement, allowing forklift operators to enlarge the lift truck application field, versatility and performances.


  • 2/1 Pallet Handlers, Profile Guide

    Range: 1600 Kg - 5000 Kg
    Highest flexibility to suit all application requirements.
    Optimum visibility on all sight levels.
    Robust design to suit hard applications.
    Fork centres adjustable anytime.
    Easy adjustment of the opening / closing settings.
    Interchangeable, bolt - on forks with additional heel wear plates which can be retro fitted.
    Dual mounting concept, ISO 2 and 3 - easy change-over.
    Highly wear-resistant plastic inserts, self-lubricating, easy exchange without removing the arms.
    With flow divider for optimum sequencing of both pairs of forks.
    Available with pneumatic springs (fixed fork spread) and without (fully variable fork spread).
    Separate, constant side-shift available in all fork positions.


  • Models Serie 1T

    Range: 4000 Kg - 10000 Kg
    Used to load and unload vehicles by fork lift trucks without a loading deck. Designed to operate with maximum safety for off-centred crossing loads.


  • Double Scissor Lift Tables

    Compact with high stroke, to achieve higher stroke without increasing the platform size. Often used to connect one floor level to another. For evenly distributed loads, with capacity from 500 to 1000 kg, choose Model 2E. For partially concentrated loads, with capacity from 1000 to 3000 kg, choose Model 2A.


  • Low Profile Lift Tables

    Low profile lift tables, due to their collapsed height, these do not require a floor pit. Capacity from 500 to 2000 kg. In 3 versions: C= closed top platform; U=U-shaped platform; E=E-shaped platform.
    Models Ergo Lift A8U
    Models Ergo Lift A8E
    Models Ergo Lift A8C


  • Silver Line Clamps

    Range: 1400 - 3200 Kg
    Commonly used for handling pulp bales in the paper industry, as well as for bales of cotton, wool, tobacco, fabrics and other baled materials.
    High tensile aluminium profile.
    Check and pressure adjustment valve.
    Excellent visibility.
    The valve and the cylinder rods are protected in every opening position.
    Reduced weight, effective thickness and center of gravity.