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Tecsidel is a multinational company founded in Barcelona in 1979 and focused on development and integration of Advanced Information Systems. Tecsidel Logistics systems offers comprehensive solutions to manage warehouses, yards and transport. These turnkey solutions have one goal in common: to increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

How we do it?
The company has more than 300 high-qualified professionals working within the 3 headquarters in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and Valladolid) and branches in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Norway and India.

Tecsidel development is based on three elements: worldwide presence, specialized offer focused on results, and a wide and consolidated customer base. Furthermore, the company performs a continuous R&D investment for development and integration projects of advanced information systems.

Tecsidel solutions manage all business processes to be performed inside Warehouses and Distribution Centers (Intralogistics). They are perfectly adapted to customer needs, optimizing resources management and giving support to decision-making processes.

These solutions are implemented through SEGA family products, where SEGA WMS is the central component, applying different levels of functionality, according to the characteristics of the installation and customer needs.

Whether integrated with SEGA WMS or complementing yours existing ERP or WMS systems, Tecsidel offers solutions for Operations Execution Management Systems with the following specific solutions:

SEGA WCS - Focused on the integration of automated handling systems.
SEGA RF - Integration of RF communication systems with operators.
SEGA PTL - Focused on picking or sorting operations management using lights.
SEGA PTV - Solution for managing any type of operation such as the picking or sorting through the voice.
SEGA LTM - Yard Management.
SEGA TMS – Designed to support delivery to clients that have requested the goods.
SEGA SIM - Simulation.

Tecsidel services are structured according the following list:
- Project Management
- Technology Consulting
- Implementation Projects of Logistics Execution Management Systems or Operations Execution Management Systems
- Support and Maintenance Services
- Custom Development according to specific customer requirements.

Some references are: Abacus, Alicorp, AVSA, Baxi, Casbega, CELSA, Cencosud (Supermercados), Central Lechera Asturiana, Damm, Dielectro, Disco, Edelvives, Everest, Frávega, Freixenet, GreenLogistics, Hefame, Mahou-San Miguel, Pronovias, Promesa, Roche Diagnostics, Schneider Electric, Solvay, Ta-Ta (Supermercados), Phoenix Contact, etc.


Product news

  • SEGA WCS, the jump to the automated warehouse

    When the company grows in terms of turnover and number of employees, the concern arises as to whether the manual management of the warehouse is sufficiently effective in the current market. It is then when we think about making the great technological leap, the jump to the automatic warehouse. Sometimes, it is advisable to start incorporating automatic elements in our manual warehouse to optimize the management of intralogistics operations gradually. This evolution involves such an important investment that it is convenient to be clear about the benefits it will bring to our business.

    The main advantages of the ICT application to warehouse management are the saving of time and personnel expenses, reliability, accuracy, reduction of errors and accidents, and the improvement of productivity. Especially through the mechanization of labor-intensive tasks. In this sense, with a greater degree of warehouse automation, it is easier to locate and track products, as well as inventory control.

    SEGA WCS is the Tecsidel system for the management and control of automatic warehouses. It allows to coordinate the subsystems that make up an automatic installation using its own native protocols: miniloads, automatic pallet stores, carousels, sorters, AGVs, etc. This solution is responsible for managing the sequence of movements and deals with optimizations, thus avoiding the realization of complex modifications at the ERP / WMS level.

    More advantages:
    • It allows management from a common dashboard with the rest of conventional operations.
    • Workload balancing between conventional and automated operations.
    • Flows of alternative or contingency materials.
    •Functionality integrated in SEGA WMS or as an independent module integrated in other systems.
    •It reduces manpower costs.

    Furthermore, this system provides high design flexibility so that the customer can build and monitor a customized solution, freely choosing the best elements of each supplier and optimizing productivity and costs.

    To obtain an optimal performance of information and communication technologies, a comprehensive perfect integration is essential. SEGA WCS by Tecsidel has a modular design that allows a fast and efficient integration with the existing technologies of the system. It is important that companies adopt the technologies that conform to the specific strategic directions pursued by the company, because of this Tecsidel offers an exhaustive stage of consulting to its clients.

    For this analysis, Tecsidel uses its SEGA SIM solution, the system that allows the simulation of operations on automated elements with real data. Thanks to this tool, it will be possible to verify if the dimensioning is correct or which adjustments need to be done.
    Furthermore, Tecsidel has a wide experience in this type of projects where the client needs a logistics partner to jump to the automation with the minimum possible investment.


  • SEGA LITE, the smart solution for small warehouses

    Tecsidel offers SEGA LITE to manage those warehouses with a moderate number of operators, it is the easiest smart solution to implement and the most flexible to operate. It is optimal for small warehouses in which a person can do different types of operations.

    SEGA LITE coordinates the productive operations of the warehouse (reception, storage, picking, replenishment, adjustments and inventory) and allows to identify and locate the product in real time. This state-of-the-art system controls the FIFO or FEFO rotation, the blockages by quality and the expiration, obtaining a complete traceability: delivery note of the supplier, batch, serial number, etc.

    The results of this efficient solution are evident:
    • Reduction of stock levels
    • Optimization of the occupied space
    • Improvement of operator productivity
    • Improvement of customer service
    • Security guarantee: expiration dates, quality blockages, etc.
    • It drastically reduces the level of error
    • Traceability of the goods throughout the warehouse process

    In addition, it offers access to historical reports to help in future decision-making and monitor different day-to-day processes of a warehouse to get information such as who prepared a specific order or who stored some specific containers, etc.

    SEGA LITE by Tecsidel is multi-warehouse and multi-operator, the advisable number of operators is between 1 and 12 people, and it is necessary that the items are identified with bar codes. Normally, Radio Frequency technology is integrated to execute the operations through portable devices with a screen and bar code reader. These devices are connected via WiFi for an on-line update of the information.

    These are the main technical characteristics of SEGA LITE:
    • Configurable system that can be parameterized by the user
    • Friendly interface with graphic terminals
    • Unguided system: the operator determines the order and sequence of operations
    • Very flexible operating flow, adapts to characteristics of multiple sectors
    • Concept of "suggestion" in the determination of location: without fixed rules and without restrictions
    • Absolute control of stock and traceability
    • Management of consumption dates, expirations, date of manufacture, batch, and serial number, variable weight
    • Management of formats (units, packs, boxes, etc.)
    • Palletization management (layers, pallet heights)
    • Management of container types (EUR, CHEP, etc.)
    • Shipping labels, delivery notes and roadmap
    • Operation statistics
    • Integrable with any ERP

    It is important to mention that SEGA LITE has the peculiarity that it can be implemented in the cloud (Cloud computing) without the client having to worry about the IT platform, since it is fully managed by Tecsidel.

    For all these reasons, SEGA LITE by Tecsidel has become the optimal system for small warehouses or logistics operators who want to make a big technological step towards specialized systems for warehouse management.


    Industrial companies, manufacturers, large distribution and port facilities are increasingly dependent on the excellence of their logistics to succeed in a market as competitive as the current one. Although the first thing usually solved are production and stock management needs, in large logistics centers it is also important to take care of the activities of the cargo vehicles that enter and leave the premises. Let's name this need as Yard Management.
    Our vision in Tecsidel suggests addressing all aspects of Yard Management through a single system, rather than treating it as a set of independent incidents. The solution is built on the following basic pillars:
    • Planning of the enclosure activities
    • Access control of vehicles and people
    • Security of the enclosure
    • Management of internal transits, waiting points and location
    • Management of the operating areas of the enclosure (loading / unloading areas, scales...)
    • Control of activity (loads, discharges, weighing...)
    • Documentary control

    The nature of each project will require greater emphasis on some points than others, which is represented by the configuration and flexibility offered by our SEGA LTM system, an innovative product with all the capabilities that can be expected from an advanced Yard Management System. SEGA LTM is designed and implemented by Tecsidel, a company with more than 35 years of experience in integrated systems for traffic and logistics management.
    A convenient management of the room's agenda, taking into account the productivity of loading / unloading points and managing hourly capacities, is key to achieving an appropriate flow of movement. The agenda should be coordinated with the actors involved (external and internal), so that the possibilities of collaboration offered by the system will make possible a realistic planning. Thanks to the web technologies and smartphones available today in a massive way, Tecsidel SEGA LTM establishes a very practical workflow for the negotiation and acceptance of appointments by the different parties.
    In yards with high traffic it is also important that the entry operations are fast and at the same time capture complete and accurate information on the activities to be performed. SEGA LTM takes advantage of the technologies most appropriate to each case to offer automatic access roads for vehicles that have contributed their data during the scheduling process. The unattended and safe operation of access is achieved with the help of license plate and container OCR cameras, vehicle TAG readers and proximity cards, scales or vehicle classification systems, apart from the vehicle video recording in case it needs to be checked later. To give instructions to the driver, panels are used and tickets are issued. An intercom system can be used to deal with incidents.

    Inside the yard our goal will be that vehicles follow a route with the activities that must be done according to their planning. These flows are configured in SEGA LTM which will be permanently monitoring their compliance and notifying the site administrator of any deviations that occur through a visual alerts system.

    Flows usually include activities such as inspection, weighing, unloading, washing, loading or documentation. The regulation of capacities is usually solved with waiting and queuing parkings. The control by SEGA LTM of the vehicle evolution in the yard can be supported in technology again. To mention some possibilities, the TAGs and OCR license plates allow automatic control of entrance and exit zones, proximity cards combined with self-service stations serve to manually confirm the arrival by the driver. The driver's guidance inside the enclosure is often done with variable led panels that show the destinations where the vehicle is waiting. The "beepers" delivered at the entrance and collected at the exit are an effective alternative to send instructions to the driver all the time.

    The management at the points of activity can be totally transferred to the control system of the area with a simple interface between systems (a warehouse management system, for example can handle the load). In the case of Tecsidel SEGA LTM, operations can also be fully managed at points with no intelligent systems.
    In order to complete the circuit, the exit procedures of the yard can also be automated with vehicle inspections by weight deviation or random to preserve the quality, before proceeding the exit. Thanks to SEGA LTM the vehicle control may not be finished here, since it is a multi-enclosure system, so that trucks between two LTM plants can be controlled in transit through the SEGA DMS module. This combination provides maximum precision in estimating arrival times at the destination yard and allows SEGA LTM to further streamline shuttle services between plants.

    At Tecsidel we will be delighted to advise you on the design of an optimal system for your enclosures, and to implement turnkey solutions with just the right automation that maximizes your profitability, always under the control of our SEGA LTM software.



    The productivity and the accuracy at orders preparation are, without doubts, the main aspects that a Logistics Manager concerns about. Unfortunately, the error reduction is achieved dedicating more resources for non-productive verification tasks.

    Tecsidel solves this difficult dilemma in several operative scenarios, because its technological solution SEGA PTL helps to increase the preparation quality, at the same time that increases the productivity.

    The experience of Tecsidel in operations automation allows to offer a system based in light displays, very effective in high volume preparation processes of preparation, classification and assembly, being applicable at other specific operations.
    SEGA PTL is a solution provided by Tecsidel, with all technological equipment, the software management and the necessary services to double the productivity.

    The main benefits are obvious:

    • The inventory is always correct
    • Perfect integration with ERP and WMS systems
    • Technology applicable to orders preparation for e-commerce
    • Easy installation and maintenance

    SEGA PTL lights are installed easily on top of the shelves required by the process and type of products. As this is a modular solution, with easy maintenance, it can grow as much as it is necessary. In addition, it can work coordinated with other SEGA systems.

    SEGA PTL, is the operations system guided by lights most effective and complete for orders preparation. The station is composed by picking locations, each one has a light display installed. Once a station order is activated, SEGA PTL illuminates the locations displays where the product must be taken, showing the exact amount to prepare. Thanks to this, the operator quickly identifies the location, take the exact products and confirms pressing the display button at the same time. Each display can have options to correct imbalance, require reposition actions, control, etc.

    The stations of SEGA PTL orders station increase the productivity due to the visual help to find the product and the immediate confirmation when the product is taken. There is no need of papers nor post administrative transcriptions. This online knowledge also allows to complete more quickly the replenishment process and reduce breakdowns.

    Because of it, this Tecsidel solution has become the most demanded by big warehouses.



    SEGA PTV (Voice Picking) is Tecsidel solution for the execution of material moving operations that uses voice communication with the operator for guidance. In the context of warehouses and distribution centers, the cost of operational errors is very high, and badly prepared orders can result in sales decrease, generate administrative work, and reduce trust in stocks. They occur because of various reasons, most notably traditional paper orders preparation generates plenty of errors, due to misreading of quantities, misplacements because there is no validation, late administrative update of incidents, etc.

    SEGA PTV, the state-of-the-art system of voice-guided operations, communicates verbal instructions to the operator, allowing him/her to manipulate the products with the maximum productivity and efficiency, and the operator confirms its realization through his/her own voice. Furthermore, the solution leaves the operator's eyes and hands free and therefore increases safety in each execution, and that avoids distractions or interruptions while the person moves or manipulates the products.

    The possible applications of SEGA PTV are:
    -Voice picking of cases, batches or pieces. The 90% of companies are interested in this. It can be mono-order, multi-order or clustered, and allows giving support to the orders preparation for e-commerce.
    -Cross docking with deliveries (Put To Store)
    -Orders Classification
    -Carousel Line Loading
    -Trucks Loading
    -Goods receiving
    -Pallet movements
    -Stocking and replenishment
    -Audit and Quality control

    One example of environment where this system is suitable are warehouses of fresh and frozen food, because the operators work with gloves and it is difficult to operate devices.

    Tecsidel's partner, Topsystem, is a market-leading German voice solutions manufacturer. The company has more than 15 years of experience, and with the robust equipment its solutions enhances a 20% of productivity in a wide variety of operating environments and reduces the error rate until a 55%.

    Its hardware also works on the main mobile devices and supports portable printing. The technology of this equipment allows the automatic adaptation to the user’s voice and pronunciation, and integrated telephony. In addition, Topsystem launched the comfortable ergonomic VoiceWear vest that allows getting rid of the headphones cables (https://www.topsystem.de/en/voicewear-en.html).

    The main benefits of this comprehensive SEGA PTV are obvious:
    • Increased productivity compared to working with paper and RF terminals
    • Optimum operations efficiency and quality
    • Enhanced safety for the operator
    • Combination of different communication and data acquisition technologies
    • Easy to learn
    • It enables operations monitoring and traceability of managed products
    • Full integration with the company ERP and WMS