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Tecsidel is a multinational company founded in Barcelona in 1979 and focused on development and integration of Advanced Information Systems. Tecsidel Logistics systems offers comprehensive solutions to manage warehouses, yards and transport. These turnkey solutions have one goal in common: to increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

How we do it?
The company has more than 300 high-qualified professionals working within the 3 headquarters in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and Valladolid) and branches in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Norway and India.

Tecsidel development is based on three elements: worldwide presence, specialized offer focused on results, and a wide and consolidated customer base. Furthermore, the company performs a continuous R&D investment for development and integration projects of advanced information systems.

Tecsidel solutions manage all business processes to be performed inside Warehouses and Distribution Centers (Intralogistics). They are perfectly adapted to customer needs, optimizing resources management and giving support to decision-making processes.

These solutions are implemented through SEGA family products, where SEGA WMS is the central component, applying different levels of functionality, according to the characteristics of the installation and customer needs.

Whether integrated with SEGA WMS or complementing yours existing ERP or WMS systems, Tecsidel offers solutions for Operations Execution Management Systems with the following specific solutions:

SEGA WCS - Focused on the integration of automated handling systems.
SEGA RF - Integration of RF communication systems with operators.
SEGA PTL - Focused on picking or sorting operations management using lights.
SEGA PTV - Solution for managing any type of operation such as the picking or sorting through the voice.
SEGA LTM - Yard Management.
SEGA TMS – Designed to support delivery to clients that have requested the goods.
SEGA SIM - Simulation.

Tecsidel services are structured according the following list:
- Project Management
- Technology Consulting
- Implementation Projects of Logistics Execution Management Systems or Operations Execution Management Systems
- Support and Maintenance Services
- Custom Development according to specific customer requirements.

Some references are: Abacus, Alicorp, AVSA, Baxi, Casbega, CELSA, Cencosud (Supermercados), Central Lechera Asturiana, Damm, Dielectro, Disco, Edelvives, Everest, Frávega, Freixenet, GreenLogistics, Hefame, Mahou-San Miguel, Pronovias, Promesa, Roche Diagnostics, Schneider Electric, Solvay, Ta-Ta (Supermercados), Phoenix Contact, etc.