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Our transportation management system, e-TMS© by AndSoft includes the whole process of transport of goods in which all departments of the company are involved, from order entry to the transfer to accounting, including planning-dispatching, execution–tracking, invoicing and reporting KPI phases.The statistic cube module helps in decision making.


Companies, entities, sites, stations and unlimited logistics centers.
Activities, products and their restrictions.
Drivers, restrictions and unavailable times.
Vehicles, restrictions and unavailable times.
Third parties, dealings and restrictions. Addresses.
Subcontractors, commissions, tariffs, vehicles and drivers.
Activity zones.
Customized routes
Transport plans.
Pick-up trips, lanes, delivery trips.
Users, permits crossed by groups and by charges.


Fast order entry.
Various loading/unloading points and others such as cleaning of vehicles or cross decking.
Cost control in real time.
Visualization in real time of margins, profits percentage.
Mapping and distance calculator.
Advanced pricing per origin, destination, items, clients and type of transport, etc.
Automatic price range of insurances, cash on delivery.
Periodic expeditions/models, contracts, loose cargo, budgets, dossiers, direct invoices.
Entry and follow-up of orders via the Intranet, Internet, EDI (PULL client).

Creating tariffs by protocol

Subcontracting and assignment of the order with margin control according to parameters.
Notes on a specific client or driver information (requisites, slow payer, notifications about driver, etc.).
Automatic management of transport restrictions, associated to a vehicle, transported item and driver.
Printing of transport instructions for subcontractors.
Printing of documents associated with the execution of the transport (shipping order, delivery note, CMR, route sheet, labels, fax to the subcontractor, bar code etc.).
Rupture of the order on various legs/segments for assignment to multiple resources and change of planning.
Consolidation of load for loose load, fractioned load.
Assignment of pick-up and delivery routes.
Complete control of date and time.
Visualization of the work planning and availability of resources (Gantt).
Search for the closest resource and date.
Added transported resource (crane, container, etc.)
Maximum diversity of tariffs

Flexibility is one of the major characteristics of the AndSoft systems.

The system permits amongst other possibilities, to create client and supplier tariffs: creation, printing, change
Input of tariffs for a period of time with parameters such as:
minimum quantity and minimum price
validity date
item, unity of measure (fixed, variable or percentage)
client or supplier and type of vehicle
Configurable by origin, destination and route.
Tariff follow-up.
Tariff operations.
Selection per client / supplier or item – Output / Arrival
Increase, suppression, transfer
Management of the next tariffs
Copy of tariffs
Creation of automatic tariffs with various sales lines.
Management of doubtful accounts.
Creation of tariffs by protocol


Product news

  • AndSoft adquiere porcentaje de SCM Software para desarrollar soluciones full web a las empresas bálticas de transporte y logística

    Víctor Vilas, Director de Desarrollo de Negocio de AndSoft, y Robert Komarovič, Co-Founder de SCM Software, han firmado el Contrato por el que AndSoft adquiere una relevante participación accionarial en la empresa tecnológica SCM Software. Ambas empresas acumulan una trayectoria de cuatro años colaborando en el desarrollo de proyectos tecnológicos para flotas de transporte de Lituania, Rusia, Estonia, Ucrania y Letonia. La formalización de esta operación se realizó durante la Feria Transrusia (21-24 abril), a la que se desplazó Víctor Vilas para cerrar los últimos detalles del Contrato.Víctor Vilas, Director de Desarrollo de Negocio de AndSoft, ha subrayado la importancia de esta operación estratégica: “La plataforma tecnológica de AndSoft, e-TMS, full web da servicio a empresas de transporte y logística de 14 países. Entre los idiomas implantados, también tenemos el lituano y el alfabeto cirílico, desde hace varios años. Con la adquisición de una participación de SCM Software, AndSoft consolida su posicionamiento en los países bálticos con una estructura propia y equipo de consultores local. Los cuatro años de trabajo con SCM Software han registrado una gran aceptación de los transportistas bálticos hacia la marca AndSoft y todos nuestras soluciones. Por esta razón, progresivamente iremos implementando toda nuestra cultura corporativa y de branding”.