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Modumaq has established as a new accessible and close alternative in internal logistics and process automation sectors.

From our beginnings in 2001, in MODUMAQ we are betting for a constant innovation policy combining news technologies with high quality materials.

We are growing day by day thanks to our clients reliance and our profesional team, which are showing a high skills, big experience and a continual dedication. This reason let us to analize each specific conditions of our customers, offering the best solution, independently if it is a small, medium or big industry, adapting us fully to their necessities.


Product news

  • Modumaq, certified partner of international program Rolling on Interoll.

    Modumaq has been consolidated as official partner of the international program Rolling on Interroll, which is great news for our company.

    This partnership has the mutual growth as final goal, sharing marketing and communication resources, which will promote a Modumaq internationally.

    Also we enjoy of privileges integrating Interroll systems, which will be good for future projects in logistics and distribution centers.


  • Modumaq develops an automatic line of picking and classification of orders for ID Logistic, one of the largest logistics operators.

    Modumaq, has installed an automatic picking and sorting order line for the pharma - OTC operation of the logistics center of one of the most important logistics operator in Europe, as a result of the commercial collaboration with the Swiss company Wrh Global Ibérica.

    With this system, the logistic operator will be able to optimize the routes of the operators, thanks to a complete automatic process that has up to 10,000 positions of dynamic and pick to light picking and about 1,000 dynamic pallets positions. We've installed a modular zone routing solution, which starts with a multiformat box forming machine which send boxes to the picking area, that is divided into picking subzones, all of them equipped with a laser scanner that will identify the box and assisted by a last generation pick to light system. The project also has a pick-up system guided by RF and a pallet flow pallet accumulation system for the preparation of full-case orders. Once the boxes have been completed, it will be released automatically and then closed applying hot-melt. Finally, all boxes, both unit picking and full case, will go to the route area, where initially they will be weighed dynamically and labeled with the shipping label, to be subsequently classified based on the requirements of the customer management system.
    Undoubtedly, this is one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to efficiently and quickly collect customer orders.


  • Modumaq consolidates as an integrator of technological solutions in the ecuadorian market with the automation of the logistics warehouse of one of the most important companies in the country.

    The Ecuadorian company, which has malls and supermarkets, toy stores, department stores, home centers, music and video stores, among others, will have a system for preparing orders and classifying them to routes in its distribution center.

    The system will provide an automated solution to the processes of order preparation and classification in the distribution center of the Ecuadorian company located in Guayaquil.

    The most important part is a high-speed mechanical crossbelt sorter, capable of reaching up to 12,000 packages per hour, coming from the automated cross-docking and storage areas.
    The process can start randomly and simultaneously from the warehouse area (pick to belt) or from the area crossdocking area.
    The crossdocking area is located on the ground floor and has 8 ergonomic positions with lifting table and manual loading. The sorting area will be formed by 62 ramps, and 2 evacuation ramps.

    For the control of the system, a main control cabinet will be installed which includes the touch screen with remote access, as well as several auxiliary cabinets distributed in the different areas of the installation. All the components of the installation will be connected by a direct field bus (ASI), and for the induction zones, communication technology will be used profinet, which decongests the wiring zones thanks to communications. For the scanning area, we will install 5-sided omnidirectional systems based in linear cameras, capable of reading on any type of surface.


  • Grupo Cofares automates a new logistic center in Badajoz with Modumaq technology.

    Grupo Cofares has returned to trust in Modumaq when automating processes of picking and sorting routes in the new logistic center sited in Don Benito, following the same policy adopted in another recent centers as Palma de Mallorca, Ciudad Real and Algeciras or the last upgraded centers of Malaga or Córdoba.

    A modular solution for picking processes and classifications orders in Pharma and OTC distribution centers, which is composed by transportation lines, sorting systems and lifting systems to connect several areas, covering and strapping machines and the final sorter area to expedition routes.

    The system integrates a bi-directional communication with ERP-WMS client, which let us take decisions in real time, from the automatic box start until the final classification, based on the data obtained from each of the barcodes for data matrix identifying.


  • Technology upgrade in distribution centers property of Grupo Cofares

    Modumaq will design and install a new technologic upgrade in a logistic warehouse of Grupo Cofares, applying the latest technololgies developed by our programming department and our technologic partner Siemens.

    The companies who are using concepts based in Industry 4.0 have noticed that using smart endpoints, remote control, analysis techniques, scalable platforms, mobility and visualization, improves the control of events by of the operators and development teams in order to take decisions in logistic and productive processes.