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Our mission is to play a major role in the chain of value for manufacture of the full range of plastic logistics items which facilitate the transport or handling of all types of consumer goods.
Pallets, rigid boxes, foldable boxes, rolls, containers, baskets, boxes, crates, shopping trolleys and all other items used for transportation and storage in any logistics process, especially in reverse logistics.


Product news


    The new Heavy Duty pallet 1200x1000mm 6 runners is now a reality that it will benefit logistics of different industries such as beverages, agro food, automotive, chemical, etc… since among its multiple advantages can be found some important ones as the following: major sustainability and a longer life cycle, a more hygienic and an option inalterable in weight and form with water or dampness, no antibacterial treatment or certification is needed, lighter solution that a conventional equivalent wooden pallet and, last but not least, a return of the investment at the end of its life cycle due to the residual value of the product that can be returned to be recycled again.

    This model manufactured in Recycled PP with weight near 23 kg can support thanks to its design the most demanding load values: static load 5.000 kg, dynamic load 2.000 kg and racking 1.000 kg. The “Full Perimeter” runners make this product suitable to support up to 4 pallets height tower in mass storage.

    For load stability when transporting returnable crates, the pallet is prepared to include anti-slip rubbers into the top deck and also there is the option to have rubber bands under the runners to avoid gliding of the pallet when being transported in trucks with steel floors or conveyors. Moreover, the rims can be customized to hold the merchandise properly and some visual printed bands can be located on the different blocks for better manipulation in dark environments.

    The last customer to include this model NPT-1210-H61 in its closed loop of Foodservice with their distributors has been the leading beer company GRUPO DAMM S.A. with more than 75.000 pcs.