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A-SAFE are the inventors and manufacturers of fixed polymer safety barriers – the smart, modern, cost-effective solution for barrier protection in the industrial workplace. Industry leaders since the company was formed in 1984, A-SAFE products are made from Memaplex™, a robust and ultra-strong blend of
polyolefins and rubber that, through a unique manufacturing process, gains an in-built memory and flexibility that allows it to absorb, dissipate and reform following impacts.


Product news

  • Rackeye

    A revolutionary safety system for racking structures, RackEye™ monitors your racking around-the-clock on a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week basis.
    •What happens if your racking is impacted between inspections?
    •Who knows if racking is impacted in the middle of the night?
    •What about areas of frequent low-energy impacts that slowly degrade rack integrity?

    Smart Sense Algorithm

    RackEye uses a smart sense algorithm to differentiate between everyday rack vibrations and energies associated with rack mpacts. When an impact is sensed, an alert is issued to a user’s smartphone via the RackEye™ app.This allows instant response, whatever the time – and keeps your racking safe from catastrophic collapse.

    Huge Cost Savings

    RackEye™ offers a fast and ongoing return on investment.Daily rack inspections cost a company over £70,000 per year on average, based on 3,000 legs. RackEye™ offers a 77% decrease on annual rack inspection costs.This means your return on investment is in less than two years.Simple magnetic installation is fast and efficient and rack maintenance downtime is significantly reduced.

    Fully App Integrated and Controlled

    Controlled through a smartphone app, RackEye allows senior users to oversee a vast network of RackEyes.The app comes with full leg history and data analysis, allowing you to identify and track high risk areas.Lifetime upgrades and continuous software enhancement is included.