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Cesab Material Handling has been designing and producing high quality forklifts for over 70 years.
Cesab's comprehensive product offering includes counterbalanced gas, diesel and electric forklifts with capacities from 1.0 to 8.5 tonnes and an extensive warehouse equipment range, all designed to deliver high performance in a range of materials handling applications in a variety of industry sectors.
Cesab products are manufactured in Europe using TPS*, one of the world's best production systems. This ensures the highest quality standards, increases flexibility, shorter delivery lead times and reduces environmental impact through waste-free production techniques.
Cesab's European mast factory, LTE, is the European Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specialising in the design and production of Cesab forklift masts. It continues to invest in new technologies and processes to ensure the highest standards in forklift mast manufacturing.
Productivity, efficiency and reliability are critical to Cesab and its customers, which is why its products are offered through a network of over 20 exclusive, independent Cesab dealers in Spain and over 100 dealers in 25 countries across Europe.
Every customer can expect a tailored, personalised solution, continuous support and a strong, face to face, working relationship with the people at their nearest Cesab dealership.
Each dealership offers Cesab trained service engineers to ensure a rapid response, prompt service and maximum uptime, whether customers operate a single truck or a full fleet of material handling equipment.
* Toyota production system
For more details please visit www.cesab-forklifts.es

Product news


    After a long and successful career, Cesab Europe announces that the “Compasso d’Oro” rewarded and Pininfarina designed hydrostatic Drago Series will be replaced by the hydrostatic version of the well-known and proven M300, the CESAB M300H. Hydrostatic trucks are not new for Cesab as their history goes back to the early ‘90’s when the first version of the Drago model was introduced.
    Production starts in the Ancenis (France) factory mid-July of this year and the M300H model will be available in capacities from 1500 to 3500 kg both in Diesel and LPG.
    The hart of CESAB’s M300H is an in-house designed and developed hydrostatic drive axle with components, hydraulic pump and motors, from Bosch-Rexroth.
    The advantages of hydrostatic trucks are multiple:
    • Extremely powerful and precise handling
    • Fast change of drive direction (plugging) for best productivity
    • Independent lift & drive functionality for complete control
    • Automatic brake effect when leaving the accelerator for easy manoeuvring
    • Easy and controlled drive on ramps for better safety
    • Pre-set performance parameters
    The pre-set performance parameters are a unique CESAB feature and it allows the driver to adjust the truck’s behaviour to his environment or his drive abilities. A switch on the dashboard offers three positions:
    • S – Smooth, the truck accelerates and brakes gently
    • P – Medium, the reactions of the truck are a bit more sustained
    • H – Hard, the truck gives maximum but save performances for best productivity
    The different modes affect the acceleration and automatic braking via the accelerator pedal. With the help of a portable computer the driving and the hydraulics can be customised to fit the driver or the customer’s application.
    Ergonomics, driver comfort, safety and durability are assured as the CESAB M300H borrows all these characteristics of the proven M300 torque converter version:
    • Mini-levers or Joystick hydraulic controls for precise load handling with minimum effort
    • The unique IMD (Intelligent Mast Design) Wide-view masts for optimal visibility under all circumstances
    • Weight adjustable comfort seat for maximum productivity
    • Automotive or Double Pedals, the exact choice for any driver and any application

    ISD (Intelligent Stability Design) for Active Safety
    With the launch of the hydrostatic M300H Series, CESAB also introduced an active safety feature called ISD. ISD will be standard on both the Hydrostatic and the Torque Converter M300 versions.
    ISD offers the following aids for saver load handling:
    • Active Mast control
    - Front tilt angle control restricts, if necessary, the forward tilt depending on the weight of the load and the lift height
    - Rear tilt speed control will restrict the rear tilt speed depending on the lift height
    - Automatic 0° tilt; a button on the tilt lever allows the driver to easily put the mast in a perfect horizontal position
    - Key-Lift interlock locks all hydraulic functions when the key switch is turned off
    • Rear axle Stabiliser, depending on the speed and the steering angle, the rear axle pivot can be locked by a cylinder to assure lateral stability
    • Steering wheel synchronisation will assure that the steering knob always is at the same spot; the driver knows the exact steering wheel position at start-up.

    The official launch will take place beginning of September. CESAB Material Handling Europe is very happy and honored to propose these new trucks and features to their European network and their customers.