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31500 Tudela - Navarra

AR RACKING is an industry leader in global industrial storage solutions. Our wide product range is based on innovation and service excellence, providing quality standards that have become one of the international cornerstones of the company.


Product news

  • AR Racking extends its production center in Tudela in 14.000 m2

    AR Racking has started the extension works of its production factory in Tudela, Navarra. 14.000 m2 that will be added to the current 21.000 m2 already available in its production center, which will allow to increase significantly its capacity of production up to 80.000 tons yearly.

    The commitment to invest in improving and extending our premises responds to the company’s wish to keep being a model within industrial storage trade, which has innovation, excellence and service quality as main values.

    AR Racking production center in Tudela takes advantage of the most sophisticated technology and top-quality automated processes. It was opened in 2004 with 7.000 m2 that became 21.000 m2 in 2009 when two more warehouses were made.

    The completion of extension works are scheduled to later this year. These overall 35.000 m2 means a further step to the consolidation of the internal market growth, as well as export and, in general, the demand of AR Racking storage solutions from companies all over the world.


  • AR Racking implements an innovative system tracking parts in facilities

    AR Racking, a comprehensive provider of industrial storage solutions, has made a significant step in developing a procedure to ensure the tracking of parts in their installations.
    AR has implemented a marking system on their products, so from now on beams and uprights produced in their Tudela manufacturing plant have a unique individual identification serial number.
    This system will provide traceability, of each part and origin with no need for labelling to identify what part it is, its design and what raw material was used for its manufacture.
    The scheme has been in place since June 1st and will provide full traceability of the raw materials used in which project, in the event of a raw material flaw or failure at source, which means that the materials used can be immediately identified and quarantined, then replaced causing minimum interruption or down-time for customers.
    Innovation and sophisticated technology are the identifying traits of AR Racking, who are distinguished by manufacturing storage systems that require high quality. The firm has a manufacturing plant with the most advanced production techniques and totally automated and robotic manufacturing processes. It also has a technology centre exclusively dedicated to R+D+I activities, where it develops tailored solutions for all types of logistical needs, even the most complex ones. According to Oscar Escribano, AR Director of Operations: “Innovation is in our DNA and AR develops innovation plans in all fields involved with the projects: from the product through to installation, focusing specifically on advanced production.”
    AR Racking is part of the Grupo Arania, an industrial group of companies with a long experience in numerous business sectors which have revolved around steel processing for more than 75 years.



    AR Shuttle is a semi-automated solution for high-density pallet storage. The AR Drive semi-automated compact storage system is the optimal solution for storing pallets with a large amount of unit loads per SKU. It is a high-density storage system designed to maximise floor space and height available by minimising the operating aisles for the truck.