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Proyectos, maquinaria y packaging.

Proyectos, maquinaria y packaging.



PMPACK is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the packaging sector, which guarantee a completely personal way of doing it.

All PMPACK products comply with the strictest quality controls, and have a high adaptability to any type of industry (agriculture, preserves, fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy, beverages, textiles, automotive and auxiliary industry, wood and furniture, handling, logistics and distribution).

Whatever the nature of the product, and the specific production volume of the customer, PMPACK has a solution that adapts to the customer's needs.

PMPACK works to be a model provider for its customers. Therefore, it pays special attention to provide a personalized service with the best quality standards, price and speed of response to the needs of the client.

The current market requires flexible solutions, with the best features and high added value. Therefore, in PMPACK you will find an organization with a vocation for service, committed to innovation and the use of materials and systems that respect the environment.