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Exhibition manager

Marina Uceda

Marina Uceda - Head of event

Marina is a Head of Logistics and Packaging shows in the Iberian Peninsula. Having an over than 15 years’ experience in the world of communication and events, now she took in her hands the direction of the fairs with a strategic vision for growth and long-term expansion.



Suria Diamanti - Sales Executive

Suria has a great deal of expertise in Sales and Customer Service. She has been linked professionally to the world of packaging for more than four years and knows exactly what the sector needs in order to grow in Spain. 


Patricia martinez

Patricia Martínez - Operations Manager

Patricia Martinez has 12 years of experience in the exhibition sector. Since 2014, Patricia has been in charge of the operations department. Among her responsibilities, she contracts with providers, directs the assembly and dismantling process of the event, and manages the needs of each exhibitor, so that everything goes without a hitch.


Mariana Castell

Mariana Castell - Marketing Project Manager

Mariana is Marketing Project Manager for the global portfolio of packaging and logistics shows in Easyfairs Iberia. She has a strong focus on taking the Packaging Innovations, Empack, Label&Print and Logistics brands to the next level.