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28880 MECO

Founded in 1987, IMPURSA's constant dedication in developing and transforming new foam materials makes us a versatile and reliable company in the whole industrial segment. We are ISO9001 certified.

From our factory at Meco, Madrid, (10000m2) we have full national delivery service. We also export to several countries in Europe and Asia.

Design, Development, Test and Manufacture, are part of the services we offer for the market of Technical Packaging.

Main sectors: Automotive, electronics, electromedicine, defense, logistics, glassware, cosmetics and perfumery.

Main materials: Crosslinked and non-crosslinked Policel EPE, Policel PU and Policel EVA.

Available capacities: Water cutting, automatic die-cutting, kiss cutting, block lamination / welding, CNC milling, CNC thread cutting.

All these capabilities allow us to offer ad hoc solutions with a wide range of industrial applications: Acoustic Absorption, Non-Vibration, Thermal Insulation, Water Sealing, Protective and Presentation Packaging.