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- ENESVAL is a company formed by professionals with wide experience in packaging and palletizing, as well as in projects of automated production lines.
Our experience in packaging led us to work with different types of products (cereals, fertilizers, feeds, milk, flour, rice, salt, ice, etc).
Regarding palletizing installation we have solution for almost all types of packaging (bags, boxes, cardboard, packs, etc.)
We use our own technology to produce the large majority of machinery to accomplish our projects; we have also the support of partnering companies of the highest quality technology to supplies us with the elements we do not manufacture.
We are at your disposal to plan and provide solutions for the most diverse type of production lines that you may need.
Our company is headquartered in Madrid and it is equipped with a commercial and administrative office, a technical department and a project and design office. In Portugal we have an administrative and commercial office, where we are at your disposal whatever technical or commercial aspect you might request.
In a commercial and technical standpoint we have partners in Andalusia, Catalonia and Portugal.
The several machines and systems manufactured in our facilities, in Spain and by our partners, assure strength and efficiency in the packaging and pallatization market.