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30564 LORQUI

Since 1982 Marcopack is one of the leading companies market, providing solutions to labeling requirements, marking and coding. This course of nearly twenty years has become supplier to top brands in various sectors as: Feeding - Mills, warehouses, canned vegetables and fish, meat industry, ready meals, infant feeding, poultry, vegetables cool, industrial bakery, frozen, etc. Chemical industries: Cleaning products, paints, varnishes, pesticides, etc. Pharmaceutical industry: Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc Automotive industry: Oil, gasoline, parts, etc.. Marcopack has a consolidated record nationally and internationally, exporting equipment to different countries on three continents, making it one of fastest growing companies in the sector. The keys have been working with rigor, the use of quality materials and a team in continuous training. In its purpose of improving the quality has Marcopack been certified according to ISO 9001:2000 design, fabricacióny sale of such machinery and its supplies by Bureau Veritas International.


Product news

  • INNOVATION Metal detector

    Made made-to-measure detector for any application. Designed to detect any impurity of present metal in food products (bread, vegetables, coffee, etc.), prepared food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic products, spices, articles for care of health, etc. He adopts advanced technology of digital process, which reinforces the operation of inspection. Function " car teach " for car programming that allows to analyze and to guard the products in the memory. Tactile screen of liquid crystal of easy available operation in several languages, with function of memory that allows to store information of up to 99 products.


  • INNOVATION Dosificadora Lineal MCP 4000

    Marcopack has the pleasure of presenting our Dosificadora Lineal one of the most versatile models of the market since it works with different types of you were snowing, different quantities to fill, as well as different types of products: liquid, dense, frothy, etc. Adaptable to different sectors like chemists or supply. It can consist from 2 mouthpieces up to 8 mouthpieces of filling. Speed 500 - 6.000 liters hour. Control by means of tactile screen Regulation of dosed by means of flow meter, according to products to dosing.


  • NOVEDAD Taponadora Lineal MCP 5000

    Marcopack has the pleasure of presenting our automatic linear Taponadora prepared for the chemical industry and for the food sector. Made of stainless steel with protection screen in polycarbonate. Thanks to his elevator of stoppers, the load is realized in a rapid and simple way. Controlled by means of tactile screen color of 4,5 " of easy managing for the adjustment of the different parameters. Speed up to 7.000 packings / hour. Compress coil or pressure, motorized or tire according to formats.


  • Inkjets's NEW LINE of high resolution for marking of porous surfaces and not porous Serie-X

    Marcopack has the pleasure of presenting Inkjets's new line of high resolution for marking in porous and not porous surfaces, for impression of logos, bar codes, alphanumeric characters, etc. It stamps in carton, trays, bags, plastic, metals and any material or packing. Capacity of memory for more than 500 messages. Available in 2 heights of 18 and 54 mm.