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Cadtech is the company owned by CT Solutions Group aimed at consulting and implementation of solutions software maker Dassault Systemes.

Officer Var Dassault Systemes, Cadtech is focused on consulting and implementation of CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM of Dassault Systemes (CATIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, ENOVIA, 3DVIA and Exalead) technologies, for the Iberian Peninsula, where it has a network of 7 offices spread between Spain and Portugal.

Cadtech is a leader in the field of integration of PLM solutions, specialist solutions and resources for managing the product life-cycle management, processes, projects and assets, including simulation and data management. Cadtech commitment to innovation and application of advanced technologies, as well as the quality of execution in their areas of activity.

In 2016, Cadtech, was honored by Dassault Systemes as Best Business Partner in Iberia.


Product news

  • Improve the odds for packaging initiatives

    Improve the odds for packaging initiatives

    Over half of packaging initiatives fail. How do you improve the odds? Dassault Systèmes allows brands to virtually view their design in the context of the store to improve the chance of success through their Perfect Shelf industry solution experience.

    The role of packaging in driving awareness, communication and closing the sale at the shelf cannot be understated. Nearly 75% of all purchase decisions are made at the store, with most decisions happening within five to eight seconds. Every element of the package, brand, including colour, graphics, ingredients and even usage instructions, can drive which product goes in the basket versus those left on the shelf. Companies need to proceed carefully to ensure that new packaging initiatives deliver the results they want. But, unfortunately, most packaging initiatives fail. According to 2011 Design Management Institute research, 50% of new packaging initiatives are worse than the existing packaging. Only 10–15% of new package designs drive incremental sales. The cost of failure is exceedingly high, while the slim chance of success makes any redesign effort a risky proposition.

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  • The ultimate hat trick in package design

    The ultimate hat trick in package design.

    CPG manufacturers and packaging suppliers often face a ‘pick two of three’ dilemma in creating new designs. Should they focus on consumer delight, sustainability or cost? Dassault Systémes can help deliver all three through its Perfect Package solution.

    There is a time-tested saying in project management: “Cost, performance and schedule – pick two of three.” It represents the complexity present in any project.
    Packaging experts have been conditioned to think about how to balance the different constraints to deliver the optimum result. Companies often face the same dilemma when developing new package designs. How do they balance package aesthetics with material costs? How do they create a unique shape while driving manufacturing efficiencies? How do they make a ‘green’ package while creating consumer delight at the right price? Companies are often forced to pick two of three elements due to the complexity and effort involved in creating new package designs.
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