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Vacuum components and vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz permit decisive productivity
improvements in automated processes. Whether in mechanical engineering
or in the robot industry – Schmalz customers in all areas of automation technology
profit from our qualified system consultancy services and our groundbreaking, inno -
vative solutions. The range of workpieces which can be handled with vacuum extends
from easily damaged, small parts such as electronic chips or CDs to furniture elements
or heavy sheets of steel.
Our specialists’ expertise guarantees efficient and economical solutions for the auto -
mation of a process; from the individual components, to the complex gripping system,
all the way through to the particular customer-specific application.
Vacuum Components
• Vacuum suction cups
• Special grippers
• Vacuum gripping systems
• Mounting elements
• Vacuum generators
• Valve technology
• Switches and system monitoring
• Filters and connections
Vacuum Gripping Systems
• Fully configured systems for industrial
robots and portals, delivered ready for

Vacuum Handling Systems
Vacuum handling systems from Schmalz rationalize and simplify production processes
by facilitating easy and efficient workpiece handling. They feature functionality, safety
and ergonomic operation in processes such as the loading and unloading of machines.

Vacuum Tube Lifter Jumbo
Vacuum tube lifters are ideal for the frequent and
rapid lifting and moving of cardboard boxes, sacks,
barrels, and numerous other applications weighing
up to 300 kg.
Vacuum Lifting Devices VacuMaster
Vacuum lifting devices are the ideal tool for the
ergonomic and safe handling of loads weighing up
to several tons.
Cranes and Crane Systems
Various working ranges, load classes and aluminum
or steel crane rails facilitate their use in a variety of