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Mil-tek was founded in 1992 in Denmark. From there it expanded to over 60 locations in 30 countries. The goal remains simple: to help businesses optimize their waste handling process in order to minimize the time, space and money wasted on waste.
Mil-tek solutions focus on the installation of our range of pneumatic presses and waste and optimizing internal and external logistics packing. Our customers can enjoy the benefits of improved recycling, reduced waste costs and efficient and sustainable way to manage your waste stream.
The group Mil-tek is made in Spain for more than 40 professionals located in nine offices. This dense geographic network allows immediate and direct contact with the customer. Counseling, marketing, financing, training or equipment maintenance is a task close and immediate.


Product news

  • Integral solutions for plastic packaging waste

    Knauf Industries, through its 360 Total Pack System solution, provides its customers with high quality custom packaging to protect and transport their most precious products. These packaging used in packaging, thanks to its great customization and precision when coating a particular product, can generate a large volume of material when it comes to recycling waste production. However, you will be amazed to know that, in packaging, only 2% of raw material is used, that is, expanded polystyrene, but 98% of the volume is air!
    Managing these large volumes of material to be able to recycle and revalue that 2% expanded polystyrene can mean a challenge for the producer committed to the environment that must transport and dispose of it. That is why Knauf Industries decided to support all its customers through a collaboration agreement with Mil-tek.

    Mil-tek specializes in the application of the LEANcompacting concept as a method to rationalize and optimize waste management. It uses mechanical systems that eliminate excess air and reduce up to 98% of the initial volume. In this way, the association is the solution to achieve that the plastic waste of packaging is transformed into material ready to start a new life after being recycled and reused, in line with the concept of circular economy
    Both companies intend to provide their customers with the management of plastic packaging waste and thus collaborate in closing the production circle, so that the value of products, materials and resources are maintained in the economy, minimizing the generation of waste. Now it is easier to recycle expanded polystyrene!


  • Lift Trolley 707 Mil-tek

    For easy transportation of compacted waste.
    Suitable for all XP-model waste compactors.

    The Mil-tek Lift Trolley is the ideal assistant for a Mil-tek X-Press Waste Compactor, eliminating any heavy lifting and making transportation of the compacted waste bag both safe and easy.

    Instead of carrying bags to and from a skip/bin, compacted bags are simply wheeled out, winched up and pushed off.

    The lifting plate is manufactured from stainless steel in order to avoid corrosion and minimize wear and tear when used in hostile and onerous environments.

    The Lift Trolley is suitable for use with all mixed/general waste compactors.


  • Mil-tek XP100S Combined waste compactor

    The latest addition to the Miltek product range is the XP100S Compactor, a stainless steel compactor with a long cylinder, tiny floor space footprint and reduced power usage.

    Mil-tek's latest addition to a growing product range has been launched. The XP100S Long Cylinder Compactor is now available to order, with several models already assembled and in stock.
    Boasting a footprint of just 52cm2, the XP100S is perfect for compact, indoor locations such as restaurant kitchens, cateens and food preparation areas. The compact size, coupled with the stainless steel finish means that it can be installed and work alongside existing equipment.
    The long cylinder means less power is used with each stroke, ensuring the machine is both extremely quite and extremely cheap to run.
    Running a machine on as little as 3 bars of pressure ensures significant savings on power over time. The low power usage also means that the machine is extremely quite, thus enhancing its credentials for indoor, working environments.
    The XP100S is available to order now and is the first of several new machines that Mil-tek is expected to launch in 2017.


  • Recycling waste with Mil-tek has benefit

    Modern Tiles, is a tile company operating in the Central Coast of Australia, a retail business founded in 1970 that has built a solid reputation for quality in providing its services.
    In the development of its activity, approximately 150 kilograms of plastic and paperboard are produced each week, which represents a real business challenge to achieve economically adequate and environmentally sound waste management.
    The company's managers installed Mil-tek presses to compact waste materials and took advantage of the initiative of the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority, which allows all small and medium-sized enterprises in the region to benefit from a reimbursement, Up to 50% of their investment in recycling equipment, submitting to the evaluation of the Bin Trim Assessment, in charge of carrying out a detailed study of the operation of the company, considering the types of waste produced, their volume, Internal strategies of each company for its treatment and evacuation.
    The advice determined that Mordern Tiles was deserving of these tax benefits, created a plan of action and assisted the company in the request for reimbursement, in addition to organizing with local recuperators the collection of the carton and plastic packed by them.
    Success stories such as the example we are dealing with are a common fact among entrepreneurs who opted for Mil-tek solutions in their waste treatment strategies.


  • Mil-tek XP200S mixed waste compactor

    Mil-tek XPress 200S waste compactors respond to the specific needs of mixed, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management to minimize their volume in a ratio of 10: 1, which means a significant improvement in their treatment, facilitating Storage, transport and cleaning facilities, ultimately optimizing the internal organization of any business.

    Environments that are particularly sensitive to hygienic sanitary conditions, such as food processing and production environments (restaurants, caterers or the food industry in general) have found the Mil-tek XP200S the perfect instrument for optimizing the treatment of waste materials, Whether organic, dangerous or odor-generating, by compacting them into strong, break-proof and manageable plastic bags.

    Its stainless steel design ensures its resistance to corrosion, facilitates its cleaning and certifies its durability for life, while complying with the most stringent sanitary legislation, ensuring hygienic and orderly work areas.
    Being pneumatic, they are free of any electrical components eliminating risks of accidents, while avoiding any possibility of contamination and can be located where the waste is generated.

    Like the rest of the Mil-tek equipment, it incorporates the ECODrive energy saving system.

    Mil-tek X-Press 200S waste compactor presses are unsurpassed for waste treatment and recycling.

    They are unsurpassed for the treatment and recycling of garbage in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, clinics, educational centers, catering ...


  • Mil-tek and management of packaging waste

    The packaging is part of our culture, so that the "container" has become the object of much importance as the "content", while it is responsible for the preservation, conservation, protection, handling and present form attractive goods, whether raw materials or finished products for marketing. At the same time, they are also an element of the degree of development of a country or region.
    At the same time, waste packaging involve a significant environmental impact, the large volume posed by the presence and meaning in landfills. Serve the following data, the consumption of packaging in the United States is 250 kg / year per capita, in Europe the average consumption is 140 kg / year, while in developing countries round at 10 kg / year .
    In view of these figures the implementation of systems that enable the reduction of waste through these strategies to the pre-sorting and recycling of waste materials is imposed. This is the work of Mil-tek, with the provision of equipment and solutions that provide industry and trade treatment of waste from packaging, minimizing the time, space and money they spend on their management and streamlining internal operations through compaction of the material in the same place where they are generated.

    The video illustrates the opportunity for companies to capture valuable plastic film waste in their waste streams and recycle this material into new useful products. Mil-tek contributed to this successful program for the recovery of plastic film that protects each piece of clothing that is sold at a shopping center in North Carolina (USA).


  • MIL-TEK líder mundial en prensas compactadoras de residuos de cartón, plástico y poliestireno

    Mil-tek attends Empack 2017: Professional Packaging and Packaging Show, at stand A08 of the IFEMA.

    The most important salon for packaging and packaging professionals in Spain will feature in this edition with the proposals that Mil-tek provides to the sector.
    The world of packaging is also the world of waste materials, especially cardboard and plastic. This is where Mil-tek provides machinery and strategies so that the manipulation and recycling of these materials, far from becoming a problem is a rational method to economize human and economic efforts. The experience that gives more than 20 years of work and being world leaders in number of pneumatic presses installed so guarantee.
    Mil-tek solutions also propose optimizing the storage space, a vital issue in this sector. Compacting with the Mil-tek presses reduces the accumulated waste to the minimum expression, eliminating at the same time the voluminous containers.
    Finally, Mil-tek pneumatic presses have become a necessary partner in the care and protection of the environment. Recycling waste packaging and packaging you cooperate in this goal, while improving the image of your company.
    Mil-tek's team of professionals awaits you at booth A08, where you can check all our advantages and receive detailed information about our equipment.


  • The complete new range of balers EN16500 Mil-tek in Empack 2016

    Mil-tek has updated its online catalogue with the much-anticipated range of EN16500 vertical balers. A project several years in the making, Mil-tek is delighted to add five new EN16500: models 2102, 2205, 2305, 2306 and model 2509.
    The timing is a crucial factor: though these machines have been available since the beginning of this year, the new EN16500 regulations for vertical balers come into effect this month.

    The key features of these new baling machines are as follows:

    - No access to moving parts including the pressing plate, by the baler user or second person
    - Fail-safe safety mechanism with dual interlock system
    - Two handed bale-out device for increased safety (2305, 2306 & 2509 Models)
    - Lock-out device to isolate power to the baler
    - Additional Improvements & Features on EN16500 Balers
    - Faster pressing cycle: 50% reduction in return plate time, as low as 3 seconds
    - Self-locking and closing mechanisms for added safety
    - Bale-out indicator to show precisely when to make a bale
    - Up to 15% further reduction in power use
    - Cycle counter of pressing plate
    - Mil-tek CEO on EN16500 updates

    Kristian Skannerup, Founder and CEO of Mil-tek had this to say: "It's fantastic news that we can now share these machines with our customers and prospects. We have long embraced the new EN16500 standards in our ongoing commitment to safety, so it is with immense pride we can see these new machines online.

    For us as an organisation, it was never a question of if, rather than when. That said, we owe a debt of gratitude to our Engineering Department who have put in many long hours working to ensure we achieve these new standards.
    With user safety absolutely guaranteed, we can now focus on the real benefits of our blue balers and compactors: minimizing time, space and money wasted on waste. Mil-tek balers will ensure companies waste less, recycle more and creating a positive environmental working environment."


  • Solutions for packaging: Mil-tek

    When packaging containers and lose their function for which they were created ... Mil-tek is responsible for them.


  • Minimizing waste is the smart way forward

    Mil-tek value your time, your money and your space. Therefore we propose solutions for your waste management allows you to get reduce the space occupied by waste materials, saving your team time work and achieving significant reduction in your costs.


  • Press waste compactors Mil-tek inox

    Las condiciones sanitarias o el medio atmosférico obligan al uso de equipos con acabados en materiales resistentes e higiénicos.
    Conscientes de las diferentes necesidades que imponen las reglamentaciones y/o las particularidades ambientales Mil-tek ha desarrollado toda una gama de prensas en acero inoxidable que aseguran las condiciones higiénicas y la durabilidad, factores primordiales en sectores como la industria de elaboración de alimentos o actividades de restauración, y vitales en ambientes de alta humedad o salinidad.


  • Press waste compactors Mil-tek in the automotive sector: Grupo Lejarza

    Group Lejarza found in Mil-tek the best technology available to effectively implement its quality policy and environmental protection.

  • Leadership MIL-TEK in numbers

    Since its establishment in 1992 Mil-tek still has the same objective: to support companies to optimize their waste management in order to minimize time, money and space.

  • Mil-tek and job security

    The order and cleanliness in the work spaces are part of the premises to prevent workplace accidents. Mil-tek is an example of how to avoid some of the root causes.