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Lantech company profile

Lantech is specialized in the development, assembly and marketing of modern packaging machines. With over 40 years of experience Lantech operates close to the market, where we strongly react to the trends in packaging market.

Lantech's passion is focused on optimizing packaging processes in the 'end of line' packaging. Over the years we introduced strong improvements by major innovations, with the goal to simplify the packaging process of the final product of our customers
in which a maximum return on investment is achieved.

As founder of the stretch wrapping machine, with more than 65,000 machine deployments worldwide, Lantech makes use of technological advances and knowledge to offer packaging-oriented solutions

As manufacturer Lantech is early adapter of Lean Manufacturing technology, which has proven itself in many companies and groups. Now worldwide Lean work has become a way of life in Lantech, resulting in high quality products.

From our European headquarters in Cuijk (NL) our organization is eager to support you in solving and / or optimizing your packaging problem.


Product news

  • Clever case erecting in small packaging areas

    Lantech introduces its new Inline Case Erector, designed for packaging areas with restricted floor space. The compact machine recovers valuable space by reorienting the blank magazine 90 degrees, putting it “inline” with the case forming and bottom sealing sections.

    The new design is only 60 percent as wide as conventional case erectors and maintains the ability to erect square cases without jamming, attributes for which Lantech case erectors are well known. It is also fast and easy to adjust or to change case sizes. A new operator can complete a changeover in only three minutes.

    The Inline Case Erector is available with either tape or hotmelt adhesive sealing. It can run up to 25 cases per minute and handle a wide range of corrugate. Maximum case size is 620mm x 450mm x 650mm. Minimum case size is 200mm x 150mm x 150mm.


  • How Stretch Wrapping Reduces Risk of Damaged Pallet Goods

    Since a main reason for stretch wrapping is preventing product damage during transit, it may come as a surprise that the leading cause of product damage is…in-effective stretch wrapping. Just buying or having a good stretch wrapper doesn’t ensure a safe load. But how you use your stretch wrapper can.

    2 Steps to Reduce Risk of Damage
    No matter which stretch wrapper you have or how your shipping operation is set up, you can lower the risk of in-transit damage by following these two steps:

    Setting standards for your wrapping.
    Always wrapping to those standards.

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