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TPS Rental Systems Ltd.

TPS Rental Systems Ltd.


48565 Steinfurt

TPS Rental Systems is a leading supplier of IBC Containers, Totes to rent or buy.

TPS IBC's come in 275, 132 and 66 Gallon sizes (1000, 500 and 250 liters), they are manufactured in steel or plastic. Our IBC's, Totes are used in the cosmetics, food and drinks, pharmaceutical, speciality chemical sectors and a whole range of niche industries.

We employ industry specialists who can help you choose the right Tote containers and associated products to fit your needs and budget.


Product news

  • TPS Unifold 100% Stainless Steel Foldable IBC Container

    NEW !!! The TPS Unifold™ 1000 or 500-liter full stainless-steel foldable IBC container for liner bags is especially developed for usage in sensitive environments with high demands on hygiene and product-safety. Stainless Steel allows complying with the highest hygiene and product-safety standards. The container can be equipped with plastic bars underneath the pallet-runners to protect floors and roller conveyor equipment.

    In addition to these benefits, the usage of TPS Unifold IBC container systems offers savings on all freight and storage costs, reduction on water, cleaning and disposal costs and a closed liner bag system that protects liquid products against any contamination.