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Écart Invest 1 B.V.

Écart Invest 1 B.V.


2514JM Den Haag

Écart Invest 1 B.V. (1993) combines the professionalism of a private equity firm with the decisiveness and expertise of experienced entrepreneurs. Écart is established for an indefinite period of time. This gives us the opportunity to take part in a long-term venture. We invest with an eye for continuity and growth. Our investments – by way of shares or venture capital – range from EUR 1.5 million to EUR 8.0 million euros per participation. Our focus is on medium-sized Dutch companies, while Packaging is one of our spearhead industries. SFA Packaging B.V., Schutte bagclosures B.V. and Doosopmaat.nl are part of our investment portfolio.
We are actively seeking new investments in the packaging industry, both stand-alone and expansion investments at current companies.