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Niverplast bv


7442PD Nijverdal

At Niverplast we make it happen by working together with you. The same goal, same ambition and same dedication in improving your business with packaging solutions. We are your sharing partner.

A passionate, professional and qualified team provides you high quality, innovative, easy to operate and unique packaging solutions.

Niverplast guarantees lowest total cost of ownership and 100% satisfaction.
We will only stop when you are satisfied.

​We have great passion for packaging solutions and people. You, like no other, know your business best. Therefore we work WITH you instead of FOR you. Together we’ll find the best packaging solutions for your business and you’ll be as happy with Niverplast as we are.


Product news

  • New video of the fully automatic cameraline

    This complete Niverplast packaging line checks your bakery products for metal and other deviations, like length, width, height, deviations in shape, colour etc. The rejection unit takes care of ejecting a single visual rejected product (per piece).
    Conform products are passed separated into batches and packed into a, by CombiPlast placed, bag in box. All this with minimal falling height to protect your product!

    Characteristics of the automatic camera line:
    - High flexibility in product sizes and shapes
    - Capacity: up to 60.000 pieces per hour
    - Consisting of 2 separate modules:
    - Metal + rejection unit
    - Visual quality + rejection unit
    - All components are easy to access and clean or maintain
    - Use of FDA approved materials

    If you would like to receive more information about this packaging line, please do not hesitate to contact us!


  • Niverplast - Duoplast Crate and Box lining

    a nice and flexible way for high speed packaging in CRATE and BOX with only one packaging machine at the same time , in this case used for chicken breasts.