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  • TOS-3000

    Fischbein is manufacturer and worldleader of open mouth bag closing machines.

    • by sewing
    • by hot melt gluing
    • by sealing
    • by combined means:

    • for:
    - manual production
    - semi-automatic production
    - automatic production
    - high speed production

    In its range of combined means, Fischbein recently introduced a new machine: the TOS 3000. This equipment will give you a bag with a strong and siftresistant closure. This is possible with the combination of:
    1) tape and sewing: a tape is applied over the top and both sides of the sewn line
    2) tape and sealing: a tape is applied over the top and both side of the bag, of which the inner liner is sealed


  • https://www.fischbein.com/products/