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5015BW Tilburg

Panhuijsen is a wholesaler of packaging materials and machinery. We have a wide range of materials for your products.
You can send your products protected and cared to your customer.
Do you have any questions? We would like to advise you!

Panhuijsen is looking for new and innovative products all the time.

In terms of stretch film, tape and stuffing we can make significant material savings and in most cases a financial saving as well.

Please ask for our products Stratos, Maxstretch, Air-tape and Q-fill.


Product news

  • Prevent damage and fines invest in a pallet wrapping system NOW

    Paying attention to pallet stabilisation is essential in the light of more stringent EU regulations for load securing. Panhuijsen Verpakkingen provides innovative pallet wrapping systems to prevent the sliding and toppling of (pallet) loads.

    The new regulations that come into effect as of 2018 place responsibility for load securing not only on the shoulders of the transporter, but also everyone else in the transport chain. Every company that transports something from A to B will, in future, be held liable if load securing or pallet stabilisation does not meet the requirements. Starting this spring, trucks’ entire loads will moreover be subject to more critical roadside inspections. These will not only examine how the load was secured, but will also check the details such as how the pallets were packaged and wrapped. As well as whether the latter are of a uniform shape and stable.

    Panhuijsen Verpakkingen from Tilburg (NL) specialises in packaging materials and machines, and closely monitors developments in the field of load securing. That is why the company can now offer the latest packaging options with regard to pallet stability both as far as the diversity of foils as wrapping is concerned.

    Revolutionary wrapping foil
    Panhuijsen’s new MaxStretch pallet wrapping foil provides optimum protection for your pallet load. It allows you to transport the widest possible range of pallet loads in a secure, stable manner. This means there is no risk of damage. This revolutionary stretch foil is thinner than conventional wrapping foils, but just as strong. This foil does not compromise compression strength nor fixation. However, the foil’s new composition makes it possible to use 30% less packaging material per pallet. This not only provides a cost reduction on the purchasing end. You will also reduce your waste management contribution. Furthermore, thanks to lower foil consumption you will benefit the environment and contribute to your company’s sustainable image. An optimum win-win situation!

    MaxStretch wrapping foil’s advantages:
    • Same or better compression strength than conventional wrapping foil
    • Up to 30% less material required; save on purchasing and waste management contributions
    • Meet updated EU requirements and make your image more sustainable

    Monitoring system Hi Life for optimum service
    Want to utilise MaxStretch, PicoStretch and GuardianStretch pallet wrapping foils in a more optimum manner?
    Panhuijsen monitors and tests the stability and fixation of every pallet in an accurate, transparent manner with the introduction of Hi Life. This ensures perfectly wrapped pallets at the lowest possible costs. The foil is stretched in the best way possible for every wrapping as well as being wrapped in the optimum pattern so your pallet is wrapped in a super strong, EU regulation-compliant manner.