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2153GM Nieuw Vennep

The DERO GROUP is a fusion of companies involved in the automation of production processes, with over 25 years of experience. Each company within the group has a track record in its own field. Brands of the group are DERO, PACKTECH, ELTEN and BOSGRAAF.

DERO specializes in custom made solutions for the automation of production processes with industrial robots. This is already our core business for over 30 years. The development and construction of special systems for internal logistic and handling problems is one of our specialisms.

PACKTECH supplies end of line solutions for handling, packing and palletising. We have extensive experience in building packaging lines for various industries. For every packaging problem PACKTECH can make an appropriate solution.

ELTEN is a specialist and market leader in the field of cheese treatment, handling and processing.

BOSGRAAF is a specialist in production lines for convenience food (sandwiches, wraps, etc.).

These brands complement each other's delivery program and strengthen each other in the area of automation and innovation.

To support all activities, DGSERVICE and DGDOESCHOT are also part the group. DGSERVICE provides after-sales service for the installations and machines supplied by DERO GROEP. The mission of DGSERVICE is to give the customer total peace of mind with respect to primary service (malfunctions), maintenance and parts supply, in order to ensure the highest possible uptime of the investments of the customers. DGDOESCHOT supports DGSERVICE with parts production and machine construction, and also supplies standalone cheese treatment machines and tunnel fire extinguishing installations (emergency stations).

We have three production sites in The Netherlands; one in Nieuw-Vennep, one in Joure and one in Alkmaar. All companies in our group work together as one organization and we have all disciplines that a project organization needs at our disposal: engineering, project management, control, assembly, assembly and service.


Product news

  • DERO GROUP introduces cheese supply unit with cobot

    The industrial robots that are integrated in cheese warehouses so far, always need to be provided with fences and other safety measures. As a result, they are limited in their direct collaboration with people. Fortunately, now there are robots that can work together with people directly and safely: cobots. Therefore, DERO GROUP introduces a cobot solution for supplying cheese to the processing; a depalletizing solution with a collaborative robot from FANUC. An innovative supply unit that can take over the heavy work from people, suitable for foil, nature, rectangular and round cheese.

    The advantages of the cobot cheese supply unit (CSU*180CR) are:
    - Space-saving (no safety fences)
    - Fast supply (also in collaborative mode)
    - Safe for work environment (direct collaboration with people)
    - Powerful (up to 25 kg)
    - Multiple pallet stations
    - Easy to control

    Do you want to know more about the application, capacity and usability of this solution? Come by during the Empack at booth 1.A102.


  • DERO GROUP presents fully cleanable robot

    During the EMPACK DERO GROUP presents, in collaboration with ABB, the IRB 6790, a new ‘heavy duty’ robot with superior protection against water, cleaning chemicals and corrosion. This protection makes this new robot perfect for use in the food industry.

    The IRB 6790 has been specially developed to increase the reliability and availability of production solutions and thereby reduce maintenance costs in harsh industrial environments with 100% humidity. In addition, the robot achieves faster speeds and thus on average a 5% shorter cycle time.

    Besides the protection against 100% humidity (protection level IP 69), the IRB 6790 offers an enhanced protection from heat, cleaning pressure, chemicals, and dirt without needing additional complex protective covers.

    Through years of experience in the automation of production processes with industrial robots, DERO GROUP sees many opportunities for applying this new robot in the food industry.


  • DERO GROUP opens VR LAB with packaging solutions

    You won’t believe your eyes in the DERO GROUP VR LAB! The latest innovative solutions for packaging, handling, palletising and transport… In virtual reality, the very latest solutions are already running!

    The DERO GROUP now makes it possible to discover and experience different packaging solutions. In the DERO GROUP VR LAB you will show yourself around in a virtual production environment, where you will find various solutions for product handling and packaging techniques, such as box handling, pick & place, palletising and transport systems. The virtual reality technique will give you insight into, and an experience of, the possibilities of robotization in packaging solutions. Experience it yourself; walk on a conveyor belt, look into a machine from all sides or stand next to a robot during palletizing. You won’t believe your eyes!

    Would you also like to get inspired in the DERO GROUP VR LAB? Then come by during the Empack at booth 1.A102.