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De Witt Eindverpakkingsystemen

De Witt Eindverpakkingsystemen


5151DH Drunen

De Witt packaging systems delivers high quality packaging machines at a competitive price in the Benelux.


Product news

  • New NELEO 4.0

    Packaging, grouping and protection with stretchfilm of products like mouldings, flooring, profiles, aluminium bars tubes, blinds, etc.
    The user places the product manually until the ring through the infeed gravity rollers conveyor; pressing the footswitch the machine wraps it with stretchfilm.
    • Manual (current mode): When we keep pressing the pedal the machine wraps the product and when we stop pressing the pedal the machine stops wrapping the product.
    • Banding (new): We press the pedal once and the wrapper makes a wrap that holds the product. This option is recommended for users that use the Neleo to gather the products together.
    • Automatic (new): We press the pedal once and the Neleo keeps wrapping until we press the pedal again, giving the order that it can stop. You can increase the productivity of the operator because he has free movements and does not have to be next to the pedal at all times.


  • Fully automatic wrapping of pallets with the new de Witt FG-2000F

    This pallet wrapper is mainly used for companies that wrap a lot of pallets in a short time. However, there are various reasons for choosing an automatic attachment and cutting system, such as:

    No more having to get off the forklift (start / stop by means of a remote control)
    No more irritations and back problems due to the automatic adhesion of the foil with this pallet wrapping machine
    The foil is always properly sealed to the pallet (no more hanging strings of foil)
    The operator will do more work with this pallet wrapping machine he don't have to wait for the pallet and pick another pallet to wrap.


  • Anser U2 1"inch mobile printing

    Anser introducing U2-SmartONE” The world’s first ONE inch TIJ printer

    1. Solid 1-inch cartridge, specially designed for industrial coding market
    2. No stitching required,with seamless print quality for higher readable rate
    3. Compact-sized for easy