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Kortho Coding & Marking


2222AG Katwijk

Kortho, founded in 1926

Kortho was founded in 1926 and has been developing and manufacturing coding and marking equipment in the Netherlands since 1958. Because of our long history we were able to witness the evolution of coding from the beginning. Naturally our machines also evolved along the way. From the standalone mechanical stamping machines in the early days, to the network connected Thermal and Inkjet printers of today. Always with quality, innovation and excellent service as our highest priority. Today we are still a 100% Dutch family owned business with, in addition to our headquarters in Holland, subsidiaries in Germany, France, The Dutch Antilles and Chili.


Product news

  • Dankzij SLIMLINE printers gaat Industry 4.0 verder dan alleen besparen met softwareoplossingen

    SLIMLINE staat voor Smart, Less Is More. Een designfilosofie waaronder Kortho een complete lijn nieuwe printers uitbrengt. Onze nieuwe TT-Series thermoprinter is de eerste machine die Kortho onder dit concept introduceert.

    Door slim gebruik te maken van bestaande infrastructuur en de mogelijkheden van “IoT” en “Industry 4.0” wordt namelijk ook bespaard op menselijke fouten, maatwerk, maar vooral ook op de apparatuur zelf. Het sleutelwoord is modulair: Als klant neem je alleen die onderdelen af die je ook echt nodig hebt. Stel je hebt bijvoorbeeld zelf al een (cloud)server, PC, laptop of zelfs tablet. Omdat de aansturing dan op één centraal apparaat plaatsvindt volstaat aan de lijn een budgetopstelling bestaand uit slechts een printkop met een ethernetpoort. Hierdoor zijn besparingen tot wel 50% op apparatuur mogelijk. En dat per lijn! Less is dus echt more.


  • Kortho GraphicJet Mineral oil-free inks: GJ9 (MOSH MOAH)

    Kortho introduces the New GJ9 Ink for GraphicJet. All our new sold GraphicJet inkjet printers are standard fitted for use with GJ9 INK.

    The European Trade Association, which represents the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) and the International Confederation of Paper and Board Converters in Europe (CITPA), has recommended the use of mineral oil-free (MOF) printing inks on paper and board packaging applications. Additionally, the German Federation for Food Law and Food Science has recommended to the food industry, along with other measures, to use specific mineral oil free printing inks.

    In compliance with these regulations, Kortho announces the release of MOAH (Mineral Oils and Aliphatic Hydrocarbons) free and MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons) free printing inks.

  • Korthofah Beheer B.V. wins with Piezo Inkjet, GraphicJet TsC20-X72hicJet X72

    DARE !! tests and researches hundreds of products every year. By no means all designs come in one go with good results through the tests. However, we also see designs that differ in EMC and / or safety design. DARE reaches every quarter !! the CE-Design Award for a design that stands out. The winner will receive a tasty cake in addition to the beautiful award. In addition, the next measurement or the next investigation will be for our account.

    This quarter the winner is ….. Korthofah Beheer B.V.


  • Kortho TT-SERIES: The longest Ribbon in the world that also doesn't break or wrinkle!

    With lengths up to 1.800 meters and a carrier thickness of just
    4 micron the TT-Series ribbons are by far the longest, but also most compact ribbons on the market. These extreme properties are possible thanks to the patented SMARTFORCE™ ribbon system of the TT-Series. This system constantly keeps the ribbon tension optimal by regulating it in real-time. By doing so snagging, tension buildups or loose hanging ribbon is prevented, even at extreme ribbon lengths.


    The large amount of meters on a single roll translate to much lower production costs. This as slitting the same amount of ribbon on smaller rolls will require multiple cutting runs and ribbon cores. Cores on which even more costs are saved thanks to the unique cassette of the TT-Series. Where other printers have to use expensive plastic cores, the TT-Series can flawlessly process cheap cardboard ones. Even at these extreme lengths! All this allows for an extremely competitive roll price even though absolute A-quality ribbon is used.


    Kortho TT-Series ribbons are classified in three main categories: Standard, Premium and Excellence. Each category having a different compound, but also carrier thickness. Because of this the premium rolls have the same length as standard ones despite their much thicker layer of pigment and resin. Next to these three main categories naturally also special compound or colored ribbons are available. Just send us a sample or your packaging material and we’ll find the best suitable ribbon for your application!

    • The longest ribbon in the world, so also the least downtime due to ribbon exchanges
    • A quality ribbon, but at competitive pricing due to minimal slitting and cardboard cores
    • Near-Edge high speed ribbons for printing over 60+ meters/minute
    • Compact roll dimensions and low roll weight is achieved through thin carriers
    • Premium ribbons compensate thicker resin and pigment layers with even thinner carriers
    • Extensive offering of three ribbon categories: Standard, Premium and Excellence
    • Ribbons with special compounds or colors also available upon request
    • All ribbons are available directly from stock


  • PRINTERFACE IoT: One controller for all your printers

    The Kortho Printerface IoT is the universal controller for all Kortho printers. Next to using it one on one, it’s also possible to control multiple printers with one single controller. Even if they are totally different models like thermal and inkjets! Just operate all printers from the same user-friendly interface.


    By just needing one controller for all printers a lot of money can be saved. Secondly, by not having to put up all these control boxes there’s a lot more free space at the production line. The amount of printers that can be controlled with one Printerface IoT is unlimited. The more printers, the bigger the benefits.


    The Kortho Printerface IoT has a full Windows 10 OS. Because of this you have full Windows functionality in the GUI. This means that any Windows software will run directly on the controller. So if for example you wish to control your printers with Nicelabel or Bartender no additional PC will be needed anymore.


  • Kortho TT-SERIES: TT53 Thermal Printer

    The best Thermal Printer in the World: Made in Holland!

    The Longest Ribbon without breaks, wrinkles or stuck rolls on axles

    Ribbon that wrinkles, breaks or tightens the roll core stuck on the axle. All these notorious TTO problems are caused by accumulating, abrupt or too loose ribbon tension. The longer the ribbon, the worse these issues get. However with our patented SMARTFORCE™ technology all ribbon problems belong to the past. This system real-time measures and adjusts the tension so it’s always kept on a constant and optimal value. The result: maximum reliability and the longest ribbon on the market. Downtime due to ribbon errors or roll changes has never been lower!


    The same SMARTFORCE™ technology is also used to regulate the pressure of the printhead onto the substrate. By real-time measuring and adjusting the force it is always kept optimal and constant. Even if the printing surface is bumpy or uneven the printhead will compensate all imperfections by following the trajectory flawlessly! This makes the TT-Series the most forgiving and bulletproof printer on the market. Even on a uneven surface or with a worn platen or roller the Kortho TT-Series will print as perfect as on the first day of installation!


    Just like with our software, the use of our controllers is also optional. The printing unit of the TT-Series already has everything you need. Even an integrated status screen and an LED alarm beacon! Through our free Kortho Control Center app you can control an unlimited amount of printers from any previously purchased PC, server or even tablet. The more printers, the more you save on controllers! We call this our SLIMLINE™ concept, which stands for Smart, Less Is More: Save up to 50% on unnecessary equipment by using what your already have!


    Where other printers only work with their own brand software, Kortho leaves the choice of software completely up to you. The TT-Series is basically an industrial PC with a printhead. Because of this any imaginable software, connector or protocol (including wifi) is plug & print compatible. So the use of our free Kortho Control Center software is totally optional. This makes you totally free to objectively chose the software that’s best suited for your application. A Kortho printer adjusts itself to your coding need, and not the other way around!


  • Never again wrong codings with Kortho Equipment

    Production companies are constantly confronted with changing coding requirements. New laws and ever changing market demands need to be constantly covered. When codings are not in compliance with these requirements great expenses can be the result. To be able to fulfil these needs companies have to rely on the (in)possibilities of printers and software. Specific coding needs are therefore always implemented with custom programming and tailor-made integration of coding equipment. Usually while having to deal with multiple suppliers. A situation that is far from ideal in an ever changing market with increasingly complex legislation and therefor coding needs. Flexibility and specific custom work after all do not go well together. Taylor made solutions are in addition expensive, unstable and are full with work-arounds that hardly ever deliver the most optimal solution. Let alone that all printers and software are directly compatible and everything can be implemented by one supplier.


  • Altijd de juiste labelinfo uitlezen met uw camerasysteem

    Het controleren van coderingen middels een vision camerasysteem is een steeds vaker gebruikt middel om foutcoderingen te voorkomen. Camera’s uitgerust met OCR lezen hierbij daadwerkelijk de codering uit waardoor foutcoderingen 100% uitgesloten worden. Een uitdaging hierbij is echter dat de camera moeite kan hebben met het identificeren en uitlezen van de juiste tekst. Een reden hiervoor kan een gebrek aan contrast zijn wanneer een codering bijvoorbeeld op een transparante of reflecterende verpakking is aangebracht. Ook kan een camera moeite hebben met het identificeren van de juiste tekst wanneer de codering over of naast andere tekst is geprint. Met Kortho’s UV-reflecterende inkten behoren deze problemen echter tot het verleden.
    Door onze inkjets te combineren met UV reflecterende inkten kan de codering met een blacklight (UV-A) “geactiveerd” worden. Deze lamp wordt hierbij samen met de camera in een behuizing geplaatst aan de lijn. Kortho werkt hierbij samen met Datalogic Vision systemen. De camera wordt voorzien van een filter welke alleen de specifieke “geactiveerde” kleur van de codering doorlaat. Op deze manier is er ongeacht de achtergrond altijd genoeg contrast om alleen de juiste labelelementen uit te lezen. Deze techniek is in te zetten in de volgende situaties:

    Coderingen op een transparant materiaal met een gekleurde inhoud
    Coderingen welke naast of over andere teksten zijn geprint
    Coderingen op reflecterend en/of spiegelend materiaal
    Coderingen die op een meerkleurige achtergrond zijn aangebracht
    Het niet hoeven gebruiken van metaalhoudende inkten voor detectiedoeleinden

    Zoals altijd staan wij tot uw volledige beschikking om eventuele vragen over bovenstaande of andere nieuwsbrieven te beantwoorden. Heeft u daarom vragen of opmerkingen, aarzel dan niet om contact met ons op te nemen via onderstaande contactgegevens.