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DeeDee Pouch Professionals


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At DeeDee, we combine a boundless passion for pouches with expertise gained through years of experience. Together with our customer, we create and deliver the perfect pouch, with the right fit towards the product and process. Are you looking for a pouch, but at the same time also for a positive experience while creating it? Then you should contact the Pouch Professionals with a smile!

We develop and produce personalized:
• Stand-up pouches (doypacks)
• Flat bottom pouches
• Quad seal pouches
• Flat bags
• Spouted pouches
• Jerry can pouches (also UN-certified)


Product news

  • NEW: HAK Roti dish in stand-up pouch

    Beans and legumes are the ideal food to vary with, as proven by the new dish from HAK in pouch; the Roti dish. This dish can be used as a healthy, nutritious and above all, tasy filling for roti. Roti has its origins in Hindu cultures and is a flat bread (also often referred to as a thin pancake). In the Netherlands, roti is particularly known from the Surinamese variant.

    In line with the existing products from HAK, this Roti dish has been prepared without any artificial additives and is seasoned with authentic Surinamese spices and herbs. And because the dish is packed in a beautiful pouch from DeeDee Plastics, the only thing you need to do is tear open the pouch and heat up the Roti dish. In a jiffy you can enjoy a lovely roti with the tasty combination of beans, legumes and sauce.

    Convenience from HAK in a DeeDee pouch, now available in Dutch supermarkets!

  • DeeDee Plastics pouch wins consumer test

    The Dutch consumer magazine and tv-program KASSA has conducted a blind consumer panel test on Dutch tomato soup with meatballs.

    We are proud to announce that the winner was the tomato soup filled in a pouch of DeeDee Plastics!
    The pouches overall were given a higher result than tin cans. The soup inside the DeeDee Plastics pouch scored highest on taste and amount of vegetables, as well as the lowest levels of salt and sugar.
    A very healthy soup with great taste, also because of the production process our pouches allow for (one time heating only and still long shelf live guaranteed).

    Finally, the package also scored highest in looks and utilization (low weight, easy opening). For those who can read Dutch, we addd the complete article.