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Zwager Techniek BV

Zwager Techniek BV


1948RC Beverwijk

Zwager Techniek is a fast growing importer of high-quality packaging machines for food, non-food, pharmaceutical and technical-/chemical products.

From our Office with own workshop, we supply a wide range of packaging systems for various industries.

We are very successful in our way of working, in particular by intensive cooperation with our well-known manufacturers with extensive experience and through our project management with optimal after-sales service.

Zwager Techniek delivers both new and used plants. Our product range consists of:
* Blister machines and thermoform systems
* Flow packers and flow pack systems
* Seal machines
* Tray Skin machines
* Hi-tech stickpack machines
* Vertical filling machines
* Doypack stand-up pouch machines
* Carton Packaging machines and Case Packing systems

The new installations are designed and built to your specification in our factories. Used machines are first completely checked over and if necessary/desired adapted to your needs.

It is also possible to rent with us various machines for short or longer term. With our stock of used machines we are quickly able to offer the machine that you are looking for.

We have our own technical service responsible for the installation and aftercare. We guarantee a fast service and supply of parts.


Product news

  • SCHIB flowpackmachines at Empack

    At the Empack Den Bosch SCHIB presents the flowpacks for a diversity of products. SCHIB machines are equipped with a servo drive. The machine stands out for the full servo motion control, which you can set the menu-driven machine, the machine has standard 'No filling-No bag', foil splicer and equipped with balcony construction.

    SCHIB is next to the vegetables, fruits and whole food segment also strong in packing of non-food products such as plastic cutlery and pharmaceutical products. The machines can be used for all sorts of products.

  • Prewa fillingmachine Cubix at Empack

    Zwager Techniek, shows at the Empack again an innovative packing machine, the new Prewa Qubix 35/00. This new vertical filling machine is specially developed for the Food and Pharmaceutical industry.

    The exhibited machine is the new concept Qubix version. This new generation STAINLESS STEEL machines meet the highest requirements of hygiene, speed and ease of changeover to other formats and/or foils. The boxmotion machines are equipped with three servo motors for the highest speed up to 180 bags per minute and give the possibility to the machine even intermittent work. In terms of technique standard with Siemens PLC and servo technology. The machines are modular and thus to build and expand with choices like Quattro seal, block bottom bags etc. The Prewa machines are used for packing in Netherlands over cheese, freezer, French fries, as well as fresh cut vegetables and confectionery.

  • Mespack doypackmachines at Empack

    On the Empack MESPACK machines with Zwager Techniek the sachet and presents doypack machines.

    Today, MESPACK is one of the world's most well-known manufacturers of doypack stand-up pouch and sachet packaging machines. MESPACK delivers world-wide to the large multinationals such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestle, etc. all possible models of Doypack sachet and stand-up pouch machines.

    At present there is a clear advance for the assortment Doypack stand-up pouch-packaging machinery for all kinds of products. This packaging is extremely suitable for packaging soups, sauces, confectionery, pastry products and pet food products in stand-up pouches.

    The MESPACK machines are notable for the high quality technology; speed and mechanical capabilities. MESPACK is successful by the customer-oriented project approach and high efficiency.

    Zwager Techniek allows you to get to know all the MESPACK possibilities with Empack.

  • Slimfresh on the Mondini traysealers

    SLIMFRESH is a high-quality packaging method that uses a double laminate skin film on a laminated cardboard to create a vacuum skin packaging, which is shaped like a second skin around the product. In addition to a longer shelf life of the product, this also provides new marketing opportunities for the presentation of both cold and frozen fish, meat and chicken. The packaging is easy to open and can be presented vertically on the shelf by means of an easylock system to hang the product or an integrated bottom in the packaging for presentation in a display.

    Zwager Techniek is a successful supplier of high-quality packaging machines. We advise you through our knowledge and over 25 years of experience in the field of packaging solutions. From our office with our own workshop in Beverwijk we deliver a wide range of packaging systems.

    We are happy to inform you about the possibilities of Slimfresh and the Mondini Traysealers.