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Toshiba TEC Belgium Imaging Systems

Toshiba TEC Belgium Imaging Systems


1731 Asse-Zellik

Toshiba Tec is globally active in various high-tech industrial sectors such as industry, transport, logistics, retail, education,… Toshiba Tec Corporation is a solid provider of innovative information technology and solutions. Toshiba believes that the most successful organisations are those that create, record, share, manage and display ideas and data in an efficient way. Thanks to the knowledge and the mondial experience in print and scan technologies, Toshiba can help organisations to communicate in the most efficient way.


Product news

  • Dual-sided DB-EA4D facilitates return logistics

    Today’s labeling solutions create waste by the need to throw away the backing paper. In line with its ever more green endeavors Toshiba has addressed this issue by developing the DB-EA4D 2-sided direct thermal printer which adds value and usability to a label’s backing paper, or the back of a ticket, by printing directly onto it.
    The compact, rugged and robust DB-EA4D double-sided label printer has been designed to offer a low-cost and green solution for applications requiring dual output. With user-friendly operation and high-speed printing, this innovative technology provides a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional single-sided solutions. The solid design and small footprint ensures the printer has the flexibility to operate in any environment or application, from diverse manufacturing requirements to confined retail and logistical operations.
    The label and backing paper are printed simultaneously, facilitating fast output of labels and receipts.


  • RFID printing: Sophisticated technology for advanced performance

    RFID tags offer additional features which make it easier to identify items. They offer read/write functionality and thus can carry large data capabilities such as product maintenance, shipping histories or expiry dates.
    One of the key advantages is the possibility to read RFID tags from a large distance without the need of the item actually being in sight. This significantly simplifies the usage and allows fast recognition of multiple items within seconds. This is ideal for a large range of applications such as: apparel, jewellery, healthcare, cosmetics, logistics, asset tracking.