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SigmaControl  BV


2994LB Barendrecht

Industrial companies evolve constantly. There’s always a need of improvement, efficiency and cost reduction. Not rarely the machine park functions as an accelerator of that evolution. Machine builders of industrial applications have to follow these developments. With SigmaControl, you have a partner understand your business. We allow you to get your machines to respond to the demands and needs of a changing market. We already did it for twenty years, with a variety of clients, and with one clear vision: to provide machine builders all the tools they need to optimize their own products constantly.


Product news

  • Servo Amplifier in Pocket Format The DC 061

    12.5 x 103.5 x 72 mm. Those are the dimensions of the super-compact, fully integrated servo amplifier from SIGMATEK's S-DIAS series. The DC 061, with a power rating of nearly 300 W, is designed to control a synchronous servo motor up to 6 Amperes of continuous current at 48 V DC. Over short period of time, the DC 061 can even output a peak current of up to 15 Amperes. With this power, highly dynamic positioning tasks can be run quickly and precisely in combination with the fast regulation technology.