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Modula Spa

Modula Spa

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41042 Fiorano Modenese

Modula is the name of the Italian company that designs and manufactures automatic vertical warehouses suitable for any industrial sector or environment. Modula is also the name of the warehouses we make which are used to store various types of product, from small electronic components or pharmaceuticals to heavy and bulky objects like moulds or engine/car parts.
These vertical warehouses are designed to reduce occupied floor space by 90%, increase productivity, speed up picking throughput and improve warehouse efficiency by reducing risks to both people and goods.
The first Modula was produced in 1987, and since then our company has been synonymous with innovation and "Made in Italy".
Modula is part of the System group founded in 1970 by Franco Stefani, the source of many innovations in the field of mechanical and ceramics technology. Today, Modula has more than 15,000 clients around the world and a production capacity of 4,000 machines per year from its 3 production facilities in Italy (Salvaterra di Casalgrande, Reggio Emilia), USA (Lewiston, Maine) and China (Sozhou).
Besides these facilities, we have 13 subsidiaries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa and a vast network of 45 authorised distributors. This ensures we have a presence where our clients are, allowing us to service all our main markets and respond quickly and locally to all our client's needs.


Product news

  • Modula SLIM

    Modula Slim is the smart choice for anyone looking for a vertical storage solution with complete flexibility. The best of the LIFT technology built in a 3 m2 of floor space and 1,6 m depth.
    Modula Slim can be set up in your plant and ready in 48 hours. Not just easy and quick to install but also to use. It’s really easy for your operators to interact with Modula Slim. In just a few days, your Modula Slim can be used by anyone and you will see an incredibile picking
    speed increase.