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Hovmand GmbH

Hovmand GmbH

A 10

81379 München

As the world's leading manufacturer of mobile battery-powered lifts, we strive daily to make life in production and warehousing environments safer and more efficient. Our customers include manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies as well businesses from the retail and service sectors. Our high-quality lifting and transport systems are made of stainless steel and aluminium and aid the handling of heavy objects such as reels, boxes, drums, kettle and other types of raw-material containers. One person alone is then able to handle loads of up to 300 kg in production, in compliance with occupational safety regulations and without straining the back. Using our reel manipulators and booms, for example, reels can be lifted from their core and loaded directly into packaging machines. We also provide electrical gripping tools which grip, turn and tip reels and drums from the outside.
In addition to our standard systems, we also offer customised hoist solutions to carry loads which, thanks to our in-house engineers, we can deliver quickly. We can therefore provide customers with the right product for any requirement.
Since its foundation in 1972 in Sorø, Denmark, Hovmand has been family-owned. Our employees want to make a difference by developing our products further and improving working conditions in production environments. This has been our motivation for more than 45 years.