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Rainer GmbH - Ladungssicherungstechnik

Rainer GmbH - Ladungssicherungstechnik

B 27

51149 Köln

Loadsecurement Systems

Shipping hazardous materials around the world, it is better to make shure that the container load is secured in accordance with national/ international regulations. Certified loadunit- and loadsecurement-systems are the foundation of proper securement. But Rainer GmbH has a lot more to offer!

To provide risk specific services, the Field Engineers are organized in expert teams. Chemicals, dangerous goods, dangerous goods USA, paper, steel or special applications – well secured cargo and long-term partnerships are always Rainer’s ambition.

Evaluations of the current state, recommendations for an individual loading concept an on-site trainings - the Rainer Field Engineering Service is focused on the reduction of transportation risks and legal costs.

Before certification every new system has to pass the tests: For the safety inside of containers, the Lasitec®-Engineers improve each product until it meets the Rainer-Standards.

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