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AstroNova GmbH Product Identification/ QuickLabel / TrojanLabel

AstroNova® Product Identification provides products, services and supplies that improve our customers’ ability to identify, track and market their products. Our two brands, QuickLabel® and TrojanLabel™, lead the field in tabletop label printers, professional label presses and specialty printers.
With decades of experience, QuickLabel provides a total labeling solution through our one-stop-shop for label printers, software, media, and supplies; while our TrojanLabel brand has revolutionized printing technology with professional, high-volume digital color label presses and specialty printer systems.

Astronova’s QuickLabel® division is the leading manufacturer of production-capacity, full-color digital label printers, barcode printers, media and labeling software that allow businesses to print their own labels on-demand.
QuickLabel® introduced the first tabletop digital color label printer and continues to innovate labeling solutions specifically for manufacturers and processors who want to print product labels in-house.

For more information, see: https://quicklabel.com/

Since 2012, TrojanLabel® has globally revolutionized color printing technology with the production of digital color label presses, overprinters and specialty printer systems for a broad range of end markets.
As a well-resourced, fully committed Research & Development enterprise, we take pride in innovating cutting-edge solutions for on-demand and in-house color printing for label converters, brand owners, private labeling, manufacturers, print shops & print houses, contract packaging, commercial printers, secondary label logistics and more.

For more information, see: https://trojanlabel.com/


Product news

  • AstroNova GmbH is presenting the first digital toner-based 5-color CMYKW label printer

    The printer's capability of printing five colors with 1200 dpi resolution, including white, is revolutionary within the label printing industry. Printing in white allows direct printing on colored materials, such as black polyester or silver paper. The extremely high scratch resistance of the print result extends the use of the QL-300 in all areas which demand the highest requirements, e.g. in the chemical, cosmetic and e-cigarette industries. The print's high resistance to oils, solvents, water and UV-rays on virtually all materials, makes the QL-300 a universal label printer perfect for all applications.

    It can also print on various materials, from paper and metalized polyester to transparent materials. The transparent labels are more flexible and cost-effective compared to direct printing, creating a cost-effective ‘’no-label-look.’’ The toner-based 5-color CMYKW printing system is also ideal for brand owners and packaging industry.