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Intercol BV is one of Europes leading manufacturers of Industrial Adhesives. Our recipes find their way into every day products; from Cereal Cartons to Automotive Parts and Glossy Magazines. We proud ourselves in developing tailor-made adhesives specifically suitable for high-output operations.
Our formulations, based on modern technologies, combined with experienced and skilled professionals probably offer the best adhesive solutions around.


Product news

  • New product range for Corrugated and Folding Carton Industry

    Throughout the years, Intercol has been an important manufacturer of adhesives used in the Corrugated/Solid and Folding Carton Industry.
    By developing and fine tuning fast setting adhesives that run very cleanly and can be used for both contact and non-contact jetting and wheel applications, these modern grades have been able to solve many problems end-users were struggling with for many years.
    Intercol has been developing these adhesives in very close cooperation with Machine manufacturers (OEM) and Application Equipment manufacturers over the last years. This has allowed us to build extensive field and market expertise.
    The latest adhesive formulations will solve problems to include fish-tailing and/or open cartons during the squaring process, because of their high wet-tack and quick setting speed.
    Intercol and UK partner: The Adhesive Company (ahs) Ltd are able to offer you suitable adhesives based on more than 40 years of experience.
    Our close cooperation with OEM and Application Equipment manufacturers in combination with our adequate and skilled R&D Laboratory allow us to offer you a specific adhesive formulation tailored to your needs.
    We are very keen on finding or developing the best possible grade for your operation that offers:
    • efficient manufacturing
    • less machine downtime
    • reduced adhesive costs


  • Food Safe Adhesives for use in Primary Packaging

    Recent developments in raw materials (for example the ban on use of certain types of Plasticizers) and strict European Legislation for materials used in Food Packaging, has forced us to re-think our recipes that can be safely used for primary packaging of food.
    The newly developed –SML (Specific Migration Limit) range of dispersion adhesives can be certified for the safe use of Food packaging and meet the most demanding European Legislation.
    For further information, please refer to; www.intercol.eu/sml


  • Adhesives for Automatic Detection Systems

    Intercol offers a large range of detection materials suitable for all types of application equipment and methods. This allows us to select and/or develop an adhesive formulation that offers detectability for your specific application and high speed machinery.
    The materials that are currently used to enable automated detection of glue beads and/or dots by camera systems, seem to be failing in a increasing number of applications. This is caused by the increased levels of optical brighteners used in the manufacturing of recycled paper and carton materials. It is a generally known problem for which adhesive application system manufacturers and Intercol have been developing alternatives. We can now let you know that we have succeeded !
    We have been able to develop a detection material that is not influenced by the optical brighteners inside the paper and carton substrates and which will offer a reliable and accurate detection system under all conditions.
    Extensive tests and trials have shown that the use of the material in our selected formulations does not affect adhesive characteristics and is safe to use.

    Intercol closely cooperates with all market parties involved and is able to offer an adhesive solution for any situation.